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Mortal Kombat Armageddon [RKMP5D]

Mortal Kombat Mode Codes

Max Cash Work Anywhere on any profils [Thomgame]
04558688 3B9AC9FF

Infinite Time Everywhere [Thomgame]
0456F238 00000063

No Time Endurancy Mode Only [Thomgame]
0456F238 00000000

1 Kill Player 1 [Thomgame]
0456F050 3D178D2E

1 Kill Player 2 [Thomgame]
0456F098 3D178D2E

Infinite Health Player 1 [Thomgame]
0456F050 3F800000

Infinite Health Player 2 [Thomgame]
0456F098 3F800000

Infinite Fatality Instant Everywhere Hold 1 to Desactivate [Thomgame]
285775F2 00000000
046EB4F4 40999999
285775F2 00000200
086EB4F4 40999999

Player 1 Never Win [Thomgame]
0456F060 00000000
0456F224 00000001

Player 2 Never Win [Thomgame]
0456F0A8 00000000
0456F224 00000001

Player 1 Win on 1 Round [Thomgame]
0456F060 00000003
0456F224 00000001

Player 2 Win on 1 Round [Thomgame]
0456F0A8 00000003
0456F224 00000001

No Round [Thomgame]
0456F224 00000000

Max Victories for Player 1 [Thomgame]
0456F064 0000270F

Max Victories for Player 2 [Thomgame]
0456F0AC 0000270F

Konquest Mode Codes

Infinite Health Konquest Mode only [Thomgame]
4A000000 90000000
14F22178 3FC00001

Infinite Power Konquest Mode only [Thomgame]
4A000000 90000000
14F221B0 3FB33334

Max Death Count Konquest Mode Press C+Z to activate [Thomgame]
285775F2 00006000
14F22CF4 00000063
285775F2 00000000
90F22CF4 00000063


Do not make an association of this type of codes : (Infinite Time b7f + No time = FREEZE or reboot the wii) (1 Kill Player 1 + Infinite Health Player 1 = FREEZE or reboot the wii) (Infinite Health Player 2 + 1 Kill Player 2 = FREEZE or reboot the wii)
Do not use these codes togethers :
No Round, Player 2 Win on 1 Round , Player 1 Win on 1 Round, Player 2 Never Win, Player 1 Never Win
Use rebooter to make work very well these codes.
WARNING for "Start at Round #" code if you enter a number after 6, you wii will freeze !! So pay attention !!
The code "Infinite Fatality Instant" only work after the 1st fatality, after you have all the time to make another.
The code "Infinite Fatality Instant" block the 'Player 1 Win on 1 Round' code and some others, so use this codes lonely
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