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Army Men Soldiers of Misfortune [RKYE20]

Infinite HP & Ammo [TNTkryzt]
077EE064 00000030
809F01E8 816400AC
2C0B0007 40820020
3D6042C8 91640044
916400B0 916400B4
916400B8 916400BC
916400C8 4AB42AE8
04330B74 494BD4F0

Sprint x2 [TNTkryzt]
077EE014 00000010
3D604020 91650048
C0850048 4AA02288
041F02A4 495FDD70

Levitate (Press A) [TNTkryzt]
077EE030 00000034
3D808049 818CE928
2C0C0800 40820020
817C0038 3D804200
7D8B6050 38600010
7D8C1BD6 7D6B6214
917C0038 C03C0038
4A86D37C 00000000
0405B3D8 49792C58
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