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Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga [RLGE64]

Player 1 Duel Score [BoxNinja]
04680FC8 0000000X

Player 2 Duel Score [BoxNinja]
04680FCC 0000000X

Player 1 Duel Wins [BoxNinja]

Player 2 Duel Wins [BoxNinja]

Bonus Game Coins [BoxNinja]
04680438 000F423F
*Collect 1 Coin to win
*works in LEGO CITY and NEW TOWN

Player 1 Coin Icon [BoxNinja]
0467B160 000000XX
*Example http://prntscr.com/axg65
*X values: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=2ayhhZTg

Player 2 Coin Icon [BoxNinja]
0467B164 000000XX
*Example http://prntscr.com/axg65
*X values: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=2ayhhZTg

Player 1 Coin Icon Cycler [BoxNinja]
A8000008 00000010
80000000 8067B160
86010000 00000001
2467B160 00000296
0467B160 00000000
E2000001 00000000
*Dont use with the Player 2 Coin Cycler

Player 2 Coin Icon Cycler [BoxNinja]
A8000008 00000010
80000000 8067B164
86010000 00000001
2467B164 00000296
0467B164 00000000
E2000001 00000000
*Dont use with the Player 1 Coin Cycler

Unlock Red Brick In-Game Extras (Available For Purchase)

Unlock Super Gonk [GMO]
003FF17B 000000FF

Unlock Poo money [GMO]
003FF19B 000000FF

Unlock Walkie Talkie Disable [GMO]
003FF1BB 000000FF

Unlock Power Brick Detector [GMO]
003FF1DB 000000FF

Unlock Super Slap [GMO]
003FF1FB 000000FF

Unlock Force Grapple Leap [GMO]
003FF21B 000000FF

Unlock Stud Magnet [GMO]
003FF23B 000000FF

Unlo 2038 ck Disarm Troopers [GMO]
003FF25B 000000FF

Unlock Character Studs [GMO]
003FF27B 000000FF

Unlock Perfect Deflect [GMO]
003FF29B 000000FF

Unlock Exploding Blaster Bolts [GMO]
003FF2BB 000000FF

Unlock Force Pull [GMO]
003FF2DB 000000FF

Unlock Vehicle Smart Bomb [GMO]
003FF2FB 000000FF

Unlock Super Astromech [GMO]
003FF31B 000000FF

Unlock Super Jedi Slam [GMO]
003FF33B 000000FF

Unlock Super Thermal Detonator [GMO]
003FF35B 000000FF

Unlock Deflect Bolts [GMO]
003FF37B 000000FF

Unlock Dark Side [GMO]
003FF39B 000000FF

Unlock Super Blasters [GMO]
003FF3BB 000000FF

Unlock Fast Force [GMO]
003FF3DB 000000FF

Unlock Super Lightsabers [GMO]
003FF3FB 000000FF

Unlock Tractor Beam [GMO]
003FF41B 000000FF

Unlock Invincibility [GMO]
003FF43B 000000FF

Unlock Score x2 [GMO]
003FF45B 000000FF

Unlock Self Destruct [GMO]
003FF47B 000000FF

Unlock Fast Build [GMO]
003FF49B 000000FF

Unlock Score x4 [GMO]
003FF4BB 000000FF

Unlock Regenerate Hearts [GMO]
003FF4DB 000000FF

Unlock Minikit Detector [GMO]
003FF4FB 000000FF

Unlock Score x6 [GMO]
003FF51B 000000FF

Unlock Super Zapper [GMO]
003FF53B 000000FF

Unlock Bounty Hunter Rockets [GMO]
003FF55B 000000FF

Unlock Score x8 [GMO]
003FF57B 000000FF

Unlock Super Ewok Catapult [GMO]
003FF59B 000000FF

Unlock Infinite Torpedos [GMO]
003FF5BB 000000FF

Unlock Score x10 [GMO]
003FF5DB 000000FF

Activate In-Game Extras (No Purchase Required)

Extra Toggle [GMO]
003FF078 00000001

Fertilizer [GMO]
003FF098 00000001

Disguise [GMO]
003FF0B8 00000001

Daisey Chains [GMO]
003FF0D8 00000001

Chewbacca Carrying C-3PO [GMO]
003FF0F8 00000001

Tow Death Star [GMO]
003FF118 00000001

Silhouettes [GMO]
003FF138 00000001

Beep Beep [GMO]
003FF158 00000001

Super Gonk [GMO]
003FF178 00000001

Poo Money [GMO]
003FF198 00000001

Walkie Talkie Disable [GMO]
003FF1B8 00000001

Power Brick Detector [GMO]
003FF1D8 00000001

Super Slap [GMO]
003FF1F8 00000001

Force Grapple Leap [GMO]
003FF218 00000001

Stud Magnet [GMO]
003FF238 00000001

Disarm Troopers [GMO]
003FF258 00000001

Character Studs [GMO]
003FF278 00000001

Perfect deflect [GMO]
003FF298 00000001

Exploding Blaster Bolts [GMO]
003FF2B8 00000001

Force Pull [GMO]
003FF2D8 00000001

Vehicle Smart Bomb [GMO]
003FF2F8 00000001

Super Astromech [GMO]
003FF318 00000001

Super Jedi Slam [GMO]
003FF338 00000001

Super Thermal Detonator [GMO]
003FF358 00000001

Deflect Bolts [GMO]
003FF378 00000001

Dark Side [GMO]
003FF398 00000001

Super Blasters [GMO]
003FF3B8 00000001

Fast Force [GMO< 1579 /a>]
003FF3D8 00000001

003FF3F8 00000001

Tractor Beam [GMO]
003FF418 00000001

Invincibility [GMO]
003FF438 00000001

Score x2 [GMO]
003FF458 00000001

Self Destruct [GMO]
003FF478 00000001

Fast Build [GMO]
003FF498 00000001

Score x4 [GMO]
003FF4B8 00000001

Regenerate Hearts [GMO]
003FF4D8 00000001

Minikit Detector [GMO]
003FF4F8 00000001

Score x6 [GMO]
003FF518 00000001

Super Zapper [GMO]
003FF538 00000001

Bounty Hunter Rockets [GMO]
003FF558 00000001

Score x8 [GMO]
003FF578 00000001

Super Ewok Catapult [GMO]
003FF598 00000001

Inf Torpedoes [GMO]
003FF5B8 00000001

Score x10 [GMO]
003FF5D8 00000001

Misc Codes

All Coins [BoxNinja]
C22BD300 00000002
38C0FFFF 90DF0000
60000000 00000000
*Changes In-Game Coins for both players and total coins

Press (-) to reset studs to 70k and have 9 Mini-Kit Canisters [schooluser]
284EC892 00001000
1446FFB8 00011170
1457468E 00000009
14574692 00000009
14574696 00000009
E0000000 80008000
*instant true jedi and 9*
*mini-kit canisters means*
*you only need to find 1*

Have all minikits after completing any level [funkamatic]
0454D623 0000000A
0454D627 0000000A

Player 1 always has 10mil studs (in level) [funkamatic]
0443D038 00989680

Player 2 always has 10mil studs (in level) [funkamatic]
0443D048 00989680

Auto-finish challenge mode [funkamatic]
0454D630 0000000A
0454D62C 0000000A

Infinite Studs [REDSOXROX]

Loop Music [REDSOXROX]
144FB1E8 00000005
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