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Medal of Honor Heroes 2 [RM2E69]

Infinite Health - Campaign (vdsvpsDotcom) [IRSVDS]
0419C8C4 3C004348
0419C8C8 901E04B0
Contact: Send comments to vdsvpsDotcom@gmail.com

Sky Walk v2 (must be on) (DA IRS+vdsvpsDotcom) [IRSVDS]
04000A20 3F800000
C244684C 00000002
3CA08000 60A50A20
EC84082A 00000000
Note: Must be on to use the next button activated code.

Sky Walk v2 C & - On/Off (DA IRS+vdsvpsDotcom) [IRSVDS]
04446850 C0450000
2872550C 00005000
CC000000 00000000
04446850 C0410098
E0000000 80008000
Note: On then Off. Change from lfs f2,152(r1) to lfs f2,0(r5)
Note: Must use with above code.
Note: If not able to move, crouch.
Contact: Send comments to vdsvpsDotcom@gmail.com

Infinite Grenade Timer v3 (vdsvpsDotcom) [IRSVDS]
C225559C 00000005
9421FFF8 90610008
3C6043B3 6063D1EB
907F00D4 C03F00D4
80610008 38210008
60000000 00000000
Note: Change grenade timer value back to original 359.63998 (43B3D1EB) just before lfs f1,212(r31) @ 8025559C.
Contact: Send comments to vdsvpsDotcom@gmail.com

Detonate Grenades (press 2) v2 (vdsvpsDotcom) [IRSVDS]
2872550C 00000100
C22555A4 00000002
FC010840 4C401382
60000000 00000000
C62555A8 802555B0
2872550D FEFF0000
C22555A4 00000001
FC010040 00000000
042555A8 4C401382
E0000000 80008000
Note: Change 802555A4 to compare timer to timer and jump to 802555B0.
Contact: Send comments to vdsvpsDotcom@gmail.com

Infinite Ammo (vdsvpsDotcom) [IRSVDS]
04258AC8 380000FF
Note: Ammo stays at original value regardless of use. Original code with AC8 replacing AC4
Contact: Send comments to vdsvpsDotcom@gmail.com

Rapid Fire (vdsvpsDotcom) [IRSVDS]
04258318 60000000
Note: Change stfs f0,580(r18) to nop / nop @ 8025758C does same
Contact: Send comments to vdsvpsDotcom@gmail.com

Walk Fast/Skate (9.0 minus on/off) (vdsvpsDotcom) [IRSVDS]
04975174 41100000
2872550C 00001000
CC000000 00000000
04975174 40400000
E0000000 80008000
Contact: Send comments to vdsvpsDotcom@gmail.com

Use with Walk Through Objects (IRS+vdsvpsDotcom) [IRSVDS]
C2446854 0000000A
9421FFE8 90A10008
90C1 137e 000C 90E10010
3CA0803E 60A5CF30
3CE08000 60E70A28
80C50000 3D206000
61290000 7C064800
40820008 C0470000
80A10008 80C1000C
80E10010 38210018
C021006C 00000000
Note: Checks for nop @ 803ECF30 as trigger to apply no height mod
Note: Must enable to use button activated code below.

Walk Through Objects A+D-pad Down On/Off (vdsvpsDotcom) [IRSVDS]
043ECF30 60000000
2872550C 00000804
CC000000 00000000
043ECF30 4080FFA8
E0000000 80008000
Note: Use with above code or you fall through floor
Contact: Send comments to vdsvpsDotcom@gmail.com

Multiplayer Campaign - Works in Multiplayer Only! [IRSVDS]
C24C6728 00000007
90830000 9421FFF0
BFC10008 3FC01E00
63DEA810 83E40000
7C1FF000 40820010
3FC08000 63DE0B50
909E0000 BBC10008
38210010 00000000
C24C727C 0000000A
3FA0806A 63BD8220
7DDD0214 9421FFF0
BFA10008 3FA08000
63BD0B54 83DD0000
2C1E0000 4182001C
3FA08000 63BD0B50
83DD0000 2C1E0000
41820008 7FCEF378
83A10008 83C1000C
38210010 00000000
C2182674 0000002E
9421FFE0 BD010008
3D008000 61080B54
3D200000 91280000
3D00807C 6108A0CC
3D20807C 6129A0D0
3D400000 614A6D70
81680000 7C0B5000
41820014 3D400000
614A4D50 7C0B5000
4082010C 3D400000
614A0063 89690000
7C0B5000 41820014
3D400000 614A0043
7C0B5000 408200E8
3D008000 61080B54
3D200000 61290001
91280000 3D00900E
61081BEC 3D20900E
612925B8 3D40900E
614A2534 7C09E000
418200B0 7C0AE000
418200A8 3D00900E
61081AE4 3D20900E
6129242C 3D40900E
614A23A8 7C09E000
41820088 7C0AE000
41820080 3D00900E
61081DFC 3D20900E
612927C8 3D40900E
614A2744 7C09E000
41820060 7C0AE000
41820058 3D00900E
610818D4 3D20900E
61292198 3D40900E
614A2114 7C09E000
41820038 7C0AE000
41820030 3D00900E
61081CF4 3D20900E
612926C0 3D40900E
614A263C 7C09E000
41820010 7C0AE000
41820008 48000008
7D1C4378 81010008
8121000C 81410010
81610014 38210020
807C0014 00000000
Description: Play Campaign Maps in Multiplayer Mode! Version 1 textures
Game Names: Each MP Campaign game MUST be named starting with "MPC" or "mpc"
Password: Each game should be password protected (e.g. "irsvds")
Limitations: CTF, City, Bombed City and Beach not swapped. Textures are not completely accurate, but very playable!
Creators: DA IRS and vdsvpsDotcom
Comment: Code no longer usable since EA shut down MOHH2 server.
Contact: Send comments to vdsvpsDotcom@gmail.com
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