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MXvsATV Untamed [RMXE78]

Infinite Score/Score Multiplier [Seth@WiiPlaza]
00145347 00000001
*drive around in circles to gather most score
*Demo Pic - http://goo.gl/oZBPS
*Demo video - http://youtu.be/0tIEeKr17bw
*working online/non-host

Never Crash/Fall Off Bike (God Mode) [Seth@WiiPlaza]
0413D98C 380000E2
0413E128 380000E2
0413E14C 380000E2
*working online non-host
*Demo video - http://youtu.be/0tIEeKr17bw

Bail From Bike [Seth@WiiPlaza]
2054ED38 00001000
041407C0 38A00000
CC000000 00000000
041407C0 2C000000
E0000000 80008000
*press - to bail from bike, after you fall off press - again so you dont keep on falling off
*Demo video - http://youtu.be/0tIEeKr17bw

Players Ride Above Bike [Seth@WiiPlaza]
0415F400 38A00001
*Demo video - http://youtu.be/0tIEeKr17bw
* demo pic -http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/8176/57d6515b7a9c4c2e8354a23.png

Invisible Bike [Seth@WiiPlaza]
04148044 38000000
*Demo video - http://youtu.be/0tIEeKr17bw

No Friction [Seth@WiiPlaza]
2054ED38 00000010
04167250 38000001
E0000000 80008000
*press + to disable friction

Ragdoll Thrower [Seth@WiiPlaza]
2054ED38 00000C00
0483A614 42C4ACA1
0483A634 42C4ACA2
0483A654 42C4ACA3
0483A674 42C4ACA4
0483A694 42C4ACA5
0483A6B4 42C4ACA6
E0000000 80008000
2054ED38 00000400
0483A614 3F800000
0483A634 3F800000
0483A654 3F800000
0483A674 3F800000
0483A694 3 12cf F800000
0483A6B4 3F800000
E0000000 80008000
*press A and B to throw ragdolls
* press B to reset

All Players Bikes Are Sideways [Seth@WiiPlaza]
04620DA8 40000000
*all players

All Players "Geddan" Mode [Seth@WiiPlaza]
04620EE8 42000000

All Players Body Wobbles [Seth@WiiPlaza]
04620EE8 40000000

Body Is Attached To Bike Upon Crash [Seth@WiiPlaza]
04164B7C 3800000A

Button Activator [Seth@WiiPlaza]
2054ED38 0000XXXX

Spawn All Players Above Map [Seth@WiiPlaza]
043C6570 88100200
043C6574 88100200
043C6578 88100200
043C657C 88100200
043C658C 88100200

Ossleepthread Hook

Max Speed Modifier [Thomas83Lin]
C215DC90 00000006
C01F00B4 3D80817F
618CFFFC D00C0000
A18C0000 2C0C3F80
40820010 3D804500
618C0000 919F00B4
60000000 00000000
*Change 4500 to increase Power Speed 3F8=1.0*

Freeze CPU [Thomas83Lin]
C213C814 00000002
3D800000 618C0000
918400B4 00000000

Cpu Always on First Lap [Thomas83Lin]
C20D2024 00000003
3D800000 39800ABC
919D0000 809D002C
60000000 00000000
C21914EC 00000003
81990000 2C0C0ABC
40820008 D0190020
60000000 00000000

Low Lap Times [Thomas83Lin]
C219172C 00000002
3D800000 618C0001
919900AC 00000000
C219170C 00000002
3D800FA0 618C0001
919900A8 00000000

Out of Bounds Inf Time [Thomas83Lin]
041915E4 60000000
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