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SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 [RNCEH4]

1p cancel move kof94 [xtatu]
00941136 00000000

1p speed move kof94 [xtatu]
00941136 00000000

Magician Lord Inf Lives [g6flavor]
00727CC1 00000009

Magician Lord Max Power [g6flavor]
00727CC5 00000002

Shock Troopers

Shock Troopers P1 Inf Health [schmake]
00B4F374 00000080

Shock Troopers P1 Inf Ammo [schmake]
00B57F7A 000000C8

Shock Troopers P1 Inf Grenades [schmake]
00B57F82 00000063

Shock Troopers P1 Always Have Gun [schmake]
00B57F78 000000XX

Shock Troopers P2 Inf Grenades [schmake]
00B58182 00000063

Shock Troopers P2 Inf Health [schmake]
00B51374 00000080

Shock Troopers P2 Inf Ammo [schmake]
00B5817A 000000C8

Shock Troopers P2 Always Have Gun [schmake]
00B58178 000000XX

Shock Troopers Infinite Time [schmake]
00B57EC0 00000099
*Always have gun XX codes:
20 Hyper
1C Missile
18 Rocket
14 Flame
10 Buster
0C 3Way
08 Vulcan
04 Heavy

Metal Slug

Metal Slug Infinite Time [schmake]
0083F052 00000063

Metal Slug P1 Inf Lives [schmake]
0082638A 00000039
00838536 00000009

Metal Slug P1 Inf Grenades [schmake]
00838681 00000063

Metal Slug P1 Inf Ammo [schmake]
00838682 000000C8

Metal Slug P1 Always Have Gun [schmake]
00838670 00000004

Metal Slug Inf Health Slug [schmake]
008387A6 00000030

Metal Slug P2 Inf Lives [schmake]
00826A8A 00000039
008385D6 00000009

Metal Slug P2 Inf Ammo [schmake]
00838722 000000C8

Metal Slug P2 Always Have Gun [schmake]
00838710 00000003

Metal Slug P2 Inf Grenades [schmake]
00838721 00000063
*Always have gun codes:
1 Shotgun
2 Flamethrower
3 Missile
4 Heavy Machine Gun

Top Hunter

Top Hunter P1 Inf NRG [schmake]
0082A2C0 00000040

Top Hunter Infinite Time [schmake]
00832A83 00000099

Top Hunter P1 Inf Lives [schmake]
00832ADC 00000001

Top Hunter P2 Inf Lives [schmake]
00832AE0 00000064

Top Hunter P2 Inf NRG [schmake]
0082AEC0 00000040

Magician Lord

Magician Lord Inf HP [schmake]
00727CC6 00000005
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