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Obscure The Aftermath [ROBE7U]

Health Regeneration [dcx2]
040B76DC D0030320
040B76EC 38600000
This will automatically give you full health back once you're done stumbling.

Infinite Ammo/No Reload [dcx2]
041B14CC FC201090
041C19C4 60000000
Works for both shotgun and handgun

infinite stun gun [dcx2]
044B5750 00000000

infinite health kits [dcx2]
04176C28 60000000
Note: this may have other unintended side effects. Please post back any that you find.

Infinite Health Kits [farjo08]
04B6F21E 0000270F

Infinite Energy Drinks [farjo08]
04B6F35E 0000270F

Inifinite Ammo [farjo08]
04B6F1FE 0000270F

Infinite Syrum [farjo08]
04B6F39E 0000270F

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