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Onechanbara Bikini Zombie Slayers [RONPG9]

Infinite Points [Apache81]
0403BE2C 60000000

Unrestricted Camera Zoom (View Mode) [Yamishira]
046C0BEC 3F800000

Invisible Enemies [Yamishira]
04079288 60000000
043D7B1C C1B00000
043D7B20 C1B00000

Big Players [Yamishira]
043F717C 3FF00000
044004C0 3FF00000

Infinite Ammo (Reiko) [Yamishira]
004095F7 00000014
004095FB 0000003C
Major thanks to James0x57 for helping me with code types, and how to test these

Infinite / Max Items

Infinite Cure Gem [Yamishira]
004097F3 00000063

Infinite Power Gem [Yamishira]
004097F7 00000063

Infinite Rapid Gem [Yamishira]
004097FB 00000063

Infinite Mystic Necklace [Yamishira]
00409807 00000063

Infinite Bloody Lump [Yamishira]
004087FF 00000063

Infinite Goddess Statue Fragment [Yamishira]
00409803 00000063

Infinite Recovery Gem [Yamishira]
0040980B 00000063

Infinite Upgrade Points

Aya [Yamishira]
023954FA 000003E7

Saki [Yamishira]
02395D86 000003E7

Reiko [Yamishira]
02396612 000003E7

Misery [Yamishira]
02396E9E 000003E7

Infinite Health [Yamishira]
043F985C 461C4000
04402BA0 461C4000

Infinite Jumps [Yamishira]
040879EC 60000000
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