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Cursed Mountain [RQ6XKM]

Infinite Health [TNTkryzt]
040CBA40 60000000

Infinite Incense Sticks [TNTkryzt]
0481E3B0 000003E7

Infinite Ammo [TNTkryzt]
040E7C98 909F0030
040EC4F0 909F0030
040EAD58 907C0030

Rapid Fire [TNTkryzt]
040E7C94 60000000
040EC4EC 60000000
040EAD44 60000000

Speed x2 [TNTkryzt]
0775C000 00000010
3D604000 916400B4
C02400B4 4A97330C
040CF314 4968CCEC

Jump (Press Up on WiiM 92b ote) [TNTkryzt]
0775C010 00000020
3D608069 896BD7CB
2C0B0008 4082000C
C1C30040 EC0E002A
D0030034 4A91B77C
040777A4 496E486C
0498B230 3E99999A
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