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MySims Racing [RQGE69]

All Parts Available [TNTkryzt]
077F803C 00000010
39600001 917F0014
801F0014 4AE2FAA4
04627AE8 491D0554

All Parts Bought [TNTkryzt]
077F804C 00000010
39600001 917F001C
801F001C 4AE2FAA0
04627AF4 491D0558

Gain Mission Item x10 [TNTkryzt]
046FCBE0 3929000A

Infinite Boost (All Cars) [TNTkryzt]
046D0FD8 C1A90004

Infinite Boost [TNTkryzt]
077F8024 00000018
FDAD032E 81630004
280B0001 40820008
C1A90004 4AED8FA4
04 a6f 6D0FD8 4912704C

Have 999 Essences [TNTkryzt]
077F8000 00000024
386003E7 906A3204
906A3100 906A3134
906A3168 906A319C
906A31D0 807C0270
4AF20D6C 00000000
04718D88 490DF278

Freeze Opponents [TNTkryzt]
077F805C 0000001C
C3E30024 81630004
280B0001 4182000C
39600000 916302FC
4AED9458 00000000
046D14C8 49126B94
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