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Spore Hero [RQOE69]

Have all Parts [TNTkryzt]
040B2F34 3800FFFF
040B2F38 90050000
040B2F3C 38600001

Infinite Health (Battles) [TNTkryzt]
077EA000 00000018
81670030 2C0B0001
40820008 4A8B98C4
7F63DB78 4A8B98A4
040A38B4 4974674C

Infinite Health (Field Attacks) [TNTkryzt]
041729D8 60000000
04199170 60000000

Survive Water [TNTkryzt]
041A4DB4 60000000

One Hit Kill [TNTkryzt]
077EA018 00000010
880301EB 817B04A4
917B049C 4A8B97E8
040A3808 49746810

Gain Blue Shard x10 [TNTkryzt]
0416C62C 3800000A

Infinite Blue Shards [TNTkryzt]
043F81C8 60000000

Quick Gain Dance Gauge [TNTkryzt]
041B8014 C07E0080

Multi-Jump [TNTkryzt]
077EA028 00000030
C01F0650 8163FFC8
816B0030 2C0B0001
4082001C 3D60807D
A96B92C0 2C0B0800
4082000C 3D6040E0
917F0650 4AB34CD0
0431ED20 494CB308
041A69E8 60000000
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