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Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords [RQWEG9]

Inf Money in Citadel [Skiller]
0403E824 60000000

Enemy First, Press - to Keep the Turn on you [Skiller]
283124E0 00001000
040F28D8 3C000001
CC000000 00000001
040F28D8 3C000000
E0000000 80008000
*Note: If its your turn first you will not need to press - if enemy has first move then press the - to make it always your turn once his ends.

Enemy Instant Death [Skiller]
C203B1FC 00000004
7C1DA800 4182000C
60000000 92A30060
80030060 60000000
60000000 00000000

Buy to Max Gold [TNTkryzt]
040D75D0 7C00D000

Infinite Skill Points [TNTkryzt]
0407F4E8 38000063

Gain Skill Lvl x10 [TNTkryzt]
0409AF1C 3803000A

Infinite Health [TNTkryzt]
077FED00 00000010
2C1C0001 41820008
901D0060 4A83C060
0403AD68 497C3F98

Infinite Mana [TNTkryzt]
077FED24 00000028
2C160000 40820020
38600063 39600000
90640064 396B0001
38840004 2C0B0008
41A0FFF0 4A80F68C
0400E3D0 497F0954

Cash Gain x10 [TNTkryzt]
077FED4C 00000014
7C721B78 2C090000
40820008 1E52000A
4A8720BC 00000000
04070E14 4978DF38

Purple Star Gain x10 [TNTkryzt]
077FED10 00000014
7C721B78 2C090000
40820008 1E52000A
4A872080 00000000
04070D9C 4978DF74

Earn Max Experience [TNTkryzt]
077FED60 00000014
3810869F 2C090000
40820008 4A872058
4A872044 00000000
04070DB0 4978DFB0

Have 99 Victories [TNTkryzt]
077FED74 00000014
3D600099 396B0099
91640004 80040004
4A88A2FC 00000000
0408907C 49775CF8

Maximum Mount Level [TNTkryzt]
077FEDB4 0000000C
38A00032 B0B20004
4A8D1330 00000000
040D00E8 4972ECCC

Turn all Pieces into Skulls [TNTkryzt]
077FED88 0000002C
3D608035 816BB578
2C0B0408 40820018
89770003 2C0B0000
4182000C 3960000F
99770003 88170004
4A872A64 00000000
04071810 4978D578
(Press B+Up on Wii-mote)
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