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Star Wars The Force Unleashed [RSTE64]

Force Points [Sorzad12]
*change the X's to the number of force points you want

Always Have 99999999 Force Points [Sorzad12]
049814EC 05F5E0FF
*will make your force points go up to 99999999 and never go down

P1 Kills for Duel [Sorzad12]
044427C4 0000000X
*cant be over what you set the game rules for

Have all Holocrons, Crystals, Hilts [TNTkryzt]
201E0004 00000000

Access all Upgrade Levels [TNTkryzt]
041E1560 38000008
041E1564 900300EC
041E1568 60000000

Have all Force Powers+Upgraded [TNTkryzt]
041E0CD4 38000003
041E0CD8 90050030

Have all Costumes [TNTkryzt]
040F0340 38000001
040F0344 90230034
040F0348 3800FFFE

Infinite Health [TNTkryzt]
0421EE80 60000000

Infinite Force [TNTkryzt]
04217274 60000000
042171B0 60000000

FP Increases when Spent [TNTkryzt]
041E1268 7C00EA14

FP Multiplier x100 [TNTkryzt]
040848A8 38000064

apprentice health [stevenhill627]
4A000000 80000000
14B20918 43B00000
E0000000 80008000

darth vader health [stevenhill627]
4A000000 80000000
14B20238 43480000
E0000000 80008000
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