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Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World [RT4EAF]

Unlock Lloyd & Co. for leveling [dcx2]
C209F828 00000003
2C030000 4082000C
38600001 7C7FF1AE
80010024 00000000
Changes to levels are permanent, but if you don't use the code they won't level anymore

Prevent Stat Changes for Lloyd & Co [dcx2]
0404BE6C 4E800020
based on Shadow's "Prevent Stat Resets for Lloyd & Co", condensed into one line. This may also prevent items from being changed as the plot progresses.

Encounter Roller v2 (with display!) [dcx2]
C20BB9B4 00000006
7D4802A6 48000005
7D8802A6 A18C0012
280C8000 4181000C
3800FFFF 90030000
7D4803A6 80030000
60000000 00000000
C201C088 00000014
A0841C1C 3D80804D
618C755A A14C0000
71402000 41820088
48000005 7D2802A6
A089FFC6 28048000
7C8400D0 41800008
808D89A8 A10C0004
71001310 4082000C
71404000 41820058
A109FFC6 280A2200
40820008 7D0800D0
28088000 4080003C
280A2010 4182000C
280A6010 40820010
2C0804EA 40800008
39080001 280A3000
4182000C 280A7000
40820010 2C080001
40810008 3908FFFF
B109FFC6 00000000
C201C888 00000004
80031B5C 3D80804D
A18C755A 718C2000
41820008 38000001
60000000 00000000
C201C8D8 0000000C
A0631B62 2C140003
41810050 3D80804D
A18C755A 718C2000
41820040 48000005
7D2802A6 A8C9FEF2
28068000 41800008
80CD89A8 2C06FFFF
41810008 38C00000
3CA0802F 38A5DCF8
1C06001A 7CA50214
1C140002 7C65022E
60000000 00000000
Huge thanks to Frubam for pointing me at the encounter table! This code is a bit complicated. Go to the menu screen (Artes, Equip, Item, Status, etc). Hold Z. Look at the Encounters; you will see the number for the last encounter you had (if you have not had an encounter yet, it shows -1, which can be confusing). While holding Z, pressing 1 will toggle the Encounter Roller. When the Encounter Roller is enabled, the Encounters number will be negative, and it will force you to enter that encounter. If you press 1 while holding Z again, it will disable the encounter roller, and the number will be positive once again, which shows you the last encounter you had, and allows you to enter encounters normally.
While the Encounter Roller is enabled, you can hold Z and press + or - to roll the encounter number. You can choose any encounter from 1 to 1258, which is the last encounter I could find. If you hold both C and Z, the + or - will make it scroll quickly. If the number doesn't roll, then the code is disabled.
v2: When you hold Z, you will also see the types of enemies that you would encounter in that battle

Can Always Escape [dcx2]
040BB9AC 38600000
Escape from battle quest fails you. Escape from boss battle...?

Faster Enemy Respawn [dcx2]
040303F8 3AE0003C
0401E360 3800003C
0x3C = 60 = the number of frames until an enemy respawns. They won't spawn if you're in the immediate vicinity. The respawn timer is about 1 second.

Prevent Enemy Respawn (zhome toggle) (off by default) [dcx2]
040304B0 3803FFFF
284D755A 0000A000
CC000000 00000001
040304B0 7C601B78
E0000000 80008000
disabled by default. hold home and then press Z to enable. Like the Orkin Man; kill them and they stay gone. Press home and z again to disable. The home menu will come up; that's okay. This needs a particularly awkward activator because it is not tied to a menu.

First quest is always Twilight Palace [dcx2]
04493580 000000C8
02493590 00000141
Works on any chapter

Don't consume quests v2 [dcx2]
0402474C 4800007C
04024810 4800007C
0402496C 4800007C
The quests stay on the menu even after playing them. Use Quest Randomizer to get the quest type that you want. Then, you can use the Quest Rank Roller to make it S-rank. Then, Don't consume quests will allow you to keep playing the same quest over and over. Now you can cancel a dungeon quest at the katz, or escape/fail a battle quest, and keep the quest on the list.

Always have quests [dcx2]
0249357E 00000007
This will give you quests even if you've completed them all, but a given quest will disappear from the list after it has been beaten. Use "Don't consume quests" to keep quests from disappearing from the menu if you want to play the same quest multiple times.

Quest Randomizer [dcx2]
C20675BC 00000008
3D80804D 618C755A
A16C0004 716B0300
41820028 A16C0000
2C0B0300 4082001C
3C608049 A063357C
3D808006 618C6260
7D8903A6 4E800421
38610038 00000000
At the quest screen, press 1 and 2 to randomly generate a new set of quests. If you don't like the quests that you've got, just keep randomizing until you get one you want. This will choose from quests that are appropriate for the chapter you are in

Quest Roller [dcx2]
C206759C 00000019
3D80804D 618C755A
A16C0004 716B1310
418200AC A1661EF8
A00C0000 3D808000
2C001000 40820010
2C0B0004 40800008
396B0001 2C000010
40820010 2C0B0000
40810008 396BFFFF
B1661EF8 A1661EFA
2C004010 40820014
2C0B00C9 4080000C
396B0001 B16C1824
2C005000 40820014
2C0B0000 4081000C
396BFFFF B16C1824
B1661EFA A1661F08
2C004200 40820014
2C0B015B 4080000C
396B0001 B16C1824
2C004100 40820014
2C0B0000 4081000C
396BFFFF B16C1824
B1661F08 A0061EF8
60000000 00000000
+ or - will roll rank. c + or c - will roll type. c 1 or c 2 will roll location. You will see the value roll in real-time, but you have to exit and enter the Katz menu to get the changes acknowledged (i.e. to get the reward to change). If you make changes and then save, I think the changes will be permanent. Be careful when rolling type and location, because you can get stuck. Just reload your save from the menu if you get stuck.

Display Quest Location/Type as Recommended Level [dcx2]
C20675B0 00000005
7CA5002E 3D80804D
618C755A A18C0000
718C4000 4182000C
3D808000 A0AC1824
60000000 00000000
For use with the Quest Roller. You need to hold c to roll type and rank. While holding c, whatever you just changed will be displayed as the recommended level.

Open all areas [dcx2]
0403BA80 2C08FFFF
Based on Shadow's All Areas Open code. Does not require pre-loading any saves.

Grade Multiplier (float) [dcx2]
C211026C 00000003
48000009 3F800000
7D8802A6 C3EC0000
EC3E07F2 00000000
Replace 3F800000 with any float (e.g. 40000000 = 2.0, 3F000000 = 0.5, etc)

Bonus EXP Multiplier (float) [dcx2]
C20B9460 00000004
48000009 3F800000
7D8802A6 C00C0000
EFE007F2 3FA0804E
60000000 00000000
You can use this to compensate for the massive bonus EXP in Unknown Mode. Replace 3F800000 with any float (e.g. 40000000 = 2.0, 3F000000 = 0.5, etc)

EXP Multiplier 2038 (integer) [dcx2]
C20B9294 00000002
1C630001 9061000C
3C608048 00000000
Use this to adjust the base EXP gained (bonus EXP is calculated separately, but base EXP is a factor). Change the last four digits of 1C630001 to change the multiplier. 1C63000A would be 10x EXP. 1C630064 would be 100x EXP

EXP Divider (integer) [dcx2]
C20B9294 00000003
39800001 7C6363D6
9061000C 3C608048
60000000 00000000
Use this to adjust the base EXP gained (bonus EXP is calculated separately, but base EXP is a factor). Change the last four digits of 39800001 to change the divider. 3980000A would be EXP / 10. 39800064 would be EXP / 100.

All monsters can reach level 200 [dcx2]
082D60BC 00C80000
20040010 00000000
082D60D4 802D5D78
20030010 00000000
This code is naturally incompatible with the code below. It points all monsters at the tier-200 level monster EXP table. tier-100 and tier-50 monsters may need some extra EXP to catch up to the appropriate level, unless you use the code EXP code below.

Everyone can reach level 255 [dcx2]
082D60BC 00FF0000
20040010 00000000
082D60C4 802D5788
20040010 00000000
082D5AAC 0099967E
20370004 0000FFFF
082D60C0 00D09647
20040010 00000000
0409F8FC 3C6000D0
0409F900 60609647
This code modifies the "Experience needed to level up" table. I tried to follow the general pattern that was used to make the Emil/Marta table from levels 70-200 in order to continue the other 55 levels; each level requires an additional 65535 EXP to reach the next level. Everyone's level maxes out at 255, which means your EXP now maxes out at 13,662,139 instead of 9,999,999. Stats continue to increase for the remaining 55 levels. Monsters will require a great deal of additional experience to catch up to Emil/Marta for a given level, unless you use the EXP code below

Prevent being behind more than one level worth of EXP [dcx2]
C201CC08 00000009
7C691B78 3884FFFF
3D808009 618CF75C
7D8903A6 4E800421
81520014 7C0A1840
40800008 90720014
7D234B78 8892001C
3D808009 618CF75C
7D8903A6 4E800421
60000000 00000000
This is activated by just opening the menu. This is useful if you use either of the codes above that raise the level cap. It automatically gives the EXP needed to have just reached the current level. e.g. if Lloyd is level 31 when you activate this code for the first time, he will be given the minimum EXP needed to be level 31.

Assign monster artes to shortcuts [dcx2]
040C6B40 60000000
040CD0C0 60000000
0405B464 38000000
C20594B4 00000003
888300E0 2C04000C
41800008 38A00001
60000000 00000000
C2083A60 00000005
3D808000 7C086000
40800008 39000000
3D808180 2C08000C
41800008 39000000
90010024 00000000
This is just a little glitchy. When you pick the shortcut, you won't see the name in the slot. But when you hover over that slot, you will see it. You can use these shortcuts in battle.

Party Roller [dcx2]
C205C88C 0000000C
3D80804D 618C755A
A14C0004 714A000C
41820048 A1431B62
2C0A000B 4181003C
A18C0000 2C0C2008
40820010 2C0A000B
40800008 394A0001
2C0C2004 40820010
2C0A0001 40810008
394AFFFF B1431B62
394AFFFF B1431B60
A0631B62 00000000
Based on Aesteval's Party Mod code (in turn based on YCAT21's Party Mod). Go to the Status screen for the slot of interest. Hold Z. Press down and up to change the character (non-monsters only). This changes both portrait data and the stats data. You can't mix and match character data with this code.

Arte Roller [dcx2]
C2059288 00000011
A9E300C8 3C80804D
6084755A A8C40000
70C70010 4182000C
39EF0001 48000034
70C71000 4182000C
39EFFFFF 48000024
A8C40004 70C70002
4182000C 39EF0001
48000010 70C70001
4182003C 39EFFFFF
2C0F007D 40820008
39E00000 2C0F0020
40820008 39E00041
2C0F0040 40820008
39E0001F 2C0F0000
40800008 39E0007C
B1E300C8 00000000
Based on Shadow's Arte Mod. To use: Go to the Artes menu of your desired character (in or out of battle). Press left or right to change the Arte by one for each press. Hold + or - to scroll through all Artes at 30 Artes/second. It skips the values that cause freezing (0x20 through 0x40).

Name Roller [dcx2]
C205CAD4 00000010
48000009 00000000
7D8802A6 3C80804D
6084755A A8640004
7063030C 4182005C
806C0000 A8840000
2C044200 40820010
2C030011 40800008
38630001 2C044100
40820010 2C030000
40810008 3863FFFF
906C0000 38630186
7D5D18AE 2C044008
40820008 394A0001
2C044004 40820008
2C000000 00000000
You must be at the Status screen for a character, and you must hold C to activate this. While holding C, press the up or down arrow to change a letter of the name. You may have to press up and down a lot to get to the letter you want. To move to the next letter, hold C and press 1. To move to the previous letter, hold C and press 2. There are a max of 18 letters. Move one letter at a time from the left. Changes to the name should be permanent once the file is saved.

Use manuscripts on anyone (v2) [dcx2]
04055A14 38000001
040571F0 60000000
040571D4 4800000C

Massively reduced casting time [dcx2]
0410A7A4 60000000
0410A7A8 3BC0000A
(barely enough time for launching a Mystic Arte)

Replace Add Combo 1 with Add Combo 112 [dcx2]
C210A1EC 00000004
38000080 7C001800
4082000C 38600070
48000008 886400B0
60000000 00000000
(must have Add Combo 1 skill activated)

Always surprise enemies [dcx2]
04012BBC 38000002
(Change 3800000x to 2 for you always surprise enemies, 1 for enemies always surprise you, and 0 for no one ever surprises anyone)

99.99 grade after each battle [dcx2]
04110264 60000000

spellbind -up on -down off [dcx2]
040B1000 38600000
4E00FFF4 00000000
284D755A 00001008
14000000 38600001
284D755B 00001004
14000000 38600000
E0000000 80008000
"Spellbind" means you have a chance to forge a pact. It does not mean always succeed at pacts. The code starts off with "never spellbind". Hold - and press up to change the code to Always Spellbind; you can let go once you press the buttons and it will remember to keep spellbinding. Hold - and press down to change the code to Never Spellbind. The game pauses while you hold -. You can only forge a pact with one monster per 35b8 fight, so if you spellbind multiple monsters, the one you get to pact with is random (i.e. never the one you wanted). Try to turn Always Spellbind on ONLY when you are about to kill a monster that you want to capture. Or leave it on all the time if you don't care what monsters you pact with.

Pacts are always successful [dcx2]
040B9D6C 48000028

skills cost 0 SP [dcx2]
04050010 38000000
04050014 98110009

Keep minor elements after they change the major element [dcx2]
040B0EE8 7CC03378

Unison attacks don't clear the minor elements from the grid [dcx2]
040B0F80 48000014

Unison attacks and Mystic Artes don't consume any unison gauge [dcx2]
040FDF8C 60000000

Monsters always launch Third Movement Unison attack if their element is on the grid [dcx2]
040EE2C0 38000005

Unison gauge doesn't get cut in half after battle [dcx2]
040FDAB8 60000000

Using items doesnt consume them [dcx2]
04054A0C 38800000
This works in the menu, don't know if it works in battle or during synthesis, does not work for feeding

anything adds 9.9 million exp [dcx2]
0409F85C 64BB0098
This includes manuscripts and, as it turns out, battles

all stats max on level up, green save, or herb [dcx2]
C204B998 00000006
6407270F 90E30024
B0030028 390003E7
B103002A B103002C
B103002E 90E30030
90E30034 90E30038
60000000 00000000
Useful for keeping any new monsters maxed out, especially the ones you capture with my Pacts are always successful

Feeding doesn't use food [dcx2]
0404B020 7FC0F378

feeding boosts stats like they never ate [dcx2]
040688DC 38000001
This tricks the game into thinking that all your monsters have never been fed

can always feed any monster [dcx2]
0406ADF8 60000000
0406ADC0 60000000
0406AE30 60000000
0406AE68 60000000
Feed any monster at any time, even if they're level 1. WARNING you will have to scroll through a lot of monsters!

Dont need statues to evolve monsters [dcx2]
040689B8 7CC53378

Can always evolve monsters [dcx2]
04068970 7CC53378
Using the previous three codes together, you can evolve monsters as many times as you want without leaving the cooking screen!

Enemies can't chase you [dcx2]
04030860 38000000
04030864 90150080
If you've ever held out the Sorcerer's Ring while an enemy is trying to run into you, you may have noticed that they stutter. Enemies now always stutter when they see you, so they essentially cannot give chase. If they don't see you, they walk like normal. I can try to freeze enemies all the time if the community would like that instead but I'm afraid some enemies might get stuck in your way.

Synch Roller; Change monster synchs (Hold CZ, press up or down) [dcx2]
C205CADC 0000000C
887D01DB 2C030000
4182004C 3C80804D
6084755A A8040004
7000000C 41820038
A8840000 2C046008
40820014 38630001
7063000F 40820008
38600001 2C046004
40820014 3863FFFF
7063000F 40820008
3860000F 987D01DB
60000000 00000000
Go to the Menu -> Status screen, select your monster, while viewing their stats hold C and Z first, then press up or down to change synchs

Grid Roller; - and left/right to change grid during battle [dcx2]
C20AD4FC 00000019
5480043E 2C001F4C
408200B8 7C6802A6
5463043E 7C600734
2C00896C 408200A4
3C608000 60631828
90A30010 3CA0804D
60A5755A A8050004
70001000 41820010
A804002A B003000E
48000018 A8050008
70001000 4182000C
A803000E B004002A
A8050000 70001000
41820054 8803000C
B004002A A8050004
70000003 41820040
2C000002 40820018
88A3000C 70A50007
38A50001 98A3000C
48000024 2C000001
4082001C 88A3000C
38A5FFFF 2C050000
40820008 38A00008
98A3000C 80A30010
A864002A 00000000
C20B24A8 00000005
3C808000 60841828
8804000C 90030580
90030584 90030588
9003058C 90030590
38000000 00000000
It's a little complicated to use. You must use Emil in battle. This code uses a few Gecko registers, not sure which but it's like gr3, gr4, and/or gr5 I think (depends on which version of Gecko OS you use). While battling, hold down the - key. Watch Emil's TP; it will change to the current grid element's number while - is pressed. Don't worry, when you release -, Emil's TP goes back to normal, and battle pauses while you hold -. While holding -, press left and right to change the current grid element's number. Once you've picked the value that you want, let go of minus and go cast a spell or do something that tickles the grid and you'll see everything change to match the number of the element you set.

Equipment/Item Roller [dcx2]
C205129C 00000010
A8A30048 3C80804D
6084755A A8C40000
70C72000 4182005C
70C70010 4182000C
38A50001 48000034
70C71000 4182000C
38A5FFFF 48000024
A8C40004 70C70002
4182000C 38A50001
48000010 70C70001
4182000C 38A5FFFF
2C050259 40810008
38A00000 2C050000
40800008 38A00259
B0A30048 7CA32B78
60000000 00000000
Go to the Equipment screen and highlight the item you want to change. While holding Z, press left or right to change the item by one, and hold + or - to scroll through 60 items per second (takes about 10 seconds to scroll through all items). Using this code you can put any item anywhere - an apple gel for Emil's weapon, or Sol and Mani (Richter's axe and sword) for Marta's ribbon, etc. If you go to the accessory and there's no accessory equipped, you can bring one into existence, and then use C to de-equip the accessory into your inventory. You can then create any rare items you want, as many as you want!

Warp to Floor 10 of Gladsheim [ShadowX39]
044941C0 0000000A
Whenever you warp in the maze you'll go straight to floor 10 with the boss in the middle.

All Areas Open [ShadowX39]
044622C4 00000020
This will open up all the areas on the map to go to whenever you want, even during the start. They will appear only if you load a save with all of them open already. Otherwise it will just be a big list of the same map over and over.

Prevent Stat Resets for Lloyd & Co. [ShadowX39]
0404BEE8 60000000
0404BEF4 60000000
0404BF00 60000000
0404BF0C 60000000
0404BF14 60000000
0404BF1C 60000000
0404BF2C 60000000
0404BF34 60000000
0404BF3C 60000000
0404BF40 60000000
0404BF44 60000000
0404BF48 60000000
0404BF4C 60000000
0404BF50 60000000
0404BF54 60000000
0404BF58 60000000
0404BF5C 60000000
0404BF60 60000000
0404BF64 60000000
0404BF68 60000000
040A04E8 60000000
040A04F4 60000000
040A04FC 60000000
040A0508 60000000
040A0574 60000000
This will stop the game from resetting Richter + Lloyd and crew's data, it should make changes you did to their stats permanent.

Maximum Number of Possession of 99 Items [AlexWong]
00493273 00000063
Hacked by RITZ for NTSC-JP, ported by AlexWong to NTSC-U/C.

Save Anywhere [AlexWong]
0401D62C 4800000C
Hacked by RITZ for NTSC-JP, ported by AlexWong to NTSC-U/C.

Infinite TP [AlexWong]
04057DEC 60000000
040AD8A4 60000000
Hacked by RITZ for NTSC-JP, ported by AlexWong to NTSC-U/C.

Release Limit of SP [AlexWong]
04050E48 380003E7
04050EF8 380003E7
Hacked by RITZ for NTSC-JP, ported by AlexWong to NTSC-U/C.

Unison Gauge Up To Max [AlexWong]
040FDF30 C022CFA8
Hacked by YCAT21 for NTSC-JP, ported by AlexWong to NTSC-U/C.

Gain Exp Multiplier [AlexWong]
040B924C 4800003C
040B928C 1C6300XX
02 x2
05 x5
0A x10
32 x50
64 x100
Hacked by RITZ for NTSC-JP, ported by AlexWong to NTSC-U/C.

Monster Directory [AlexWong]
004932C4 013B0007
Hacked by YCAT21 for NTSC-JP, ported by AlexWong to NTSC-U/C.

Unknown Mode [AlexWong]
004934D4 00000003
Hacked by YCAT21 for NTSC-JP, ported by AlexWong to NTSC-U/C.

6 Star Clear Unknown Mode To Use [AlexWong]
00493271 00000006
004B3E68 00000004
Hacked by YCAT21 for NTSC-JP, ported by AlexWong to NTSC-U/C.

"Cracks" Color Modifier [hawkeye2777]
064E43B0 00000006
00RR00GG 00BB0000
RGB Values:
00-FF: 0 to 255

No "Cannot use Item Time" [hawkeye2777]
C20B8320 00000005
9421FFF0 91610008
3D60BC83 616BAB9F
917D0050 81610008
38210010 C03D0050
60000000 00000000
This code nullifies the time limit on using items, so you can use several items at once.

Elemental Grid Modifier [hawkeye2777]
C20B24D8 00000002
3CC00000 60C6000x
90C30580 00000000
C20B24F0 00000002
3CC00000 60C6000x
90C30584 00000000
C20B2508 00000002
3CC00000 60C6000x
90C30588 00000000
C20B2520 00000002
3CC00000 60C6000x
90C3058C 00000000
C20B2538 00000002
3CC00000 60C6000x
90C30590 00000000
Values for x:
0 - Nothing
1 - Fire
2 - Water
3 - Wind
4 - Earth
5 - Lightning
6 - Ice
7 - Light
8 - Darkness
The codes go in the (clockwise) order of the Grid, so the 1st x is the element farthest to the left and so on. If you make 4 or 5 of the x's be the same element, you will always have a chance to recruit a monster to your party. This does not modify the field element.

All Recipes [hawkeye2777]
024937B2 00007FFF
Original by YCAT21 (JPN), ported by hawkeye2777.

Load any save for instant game over [Aesteval]
0049352B 00000005

Load debug menu when loading any save [Aesteval]
0049352B 00000001

Infinite Gald [Aesteval]
04481688 0098967F

Have 10 of all items except for key items [Aesteval]
00493855 0009000A
00493860 0024000A
00493888 0000000A
0049388A 0027000A
004938EA 0184000A
00493A72 002F000A
00493AA4 0009000A

Emil Infinite HP [Aesteval]
02481F70 0002270F

Emil Infinite TP [Aesteval]
02481F76 000203E7

Emil 999 P.Atk, P.Def, A.Atk, A.Def, Dex, and Luck [Aesteval]
02481F7C 000503E7

Emil has all titles [Aesteval]
04481F6E 0007FFFF

Emil 9999 SP [Aesteval]
02481FA0 0000270F

Emil Extra Artes (may or may not be all artes) [Aesteval]
04481FA4 010FFFFF

Marta Infinite HP [Aesteval]
02482058 0002270F

Marta Infinite TP [Aesteval]
0248205E 000203E7

Marta 999 P.Atk, P.Def, A.Atk, A.Def, Dex, and Luck [Aesteval]
02482064 000503E7

Marta has all titles [Aesteval]
04482054 00007FFF

Marta 9999 SP [Aesteval]
02482088 0000270F

Richter Infinite HP [Aesteval]
02482140 0002270F

Richter Infinite TP [Aesteval]
02482146 000203E7

Richter 999 P.Atk, P.Def, A.Atk, A.Def, Dex, and Luck [Aesteval]
0248214C 000503E7

Richter 9999 SP [Aesteval]
02482170 0000270F

Colette Infinite HP [Aesteval]
02481918 0002270F

Colette Infinite TP [Aesteval]
0248191E 000203E7

Colette 999 P.Atk, P.Def, A.Atk, A.Def, Dex, and Luck [Aesteval]
02481924 000503E7

Colette 9999 SP [Aesteval]
02481948 0000270F

Lloyd Infinite HP [Aesteval]
02481830 0002270F

Lloyd Infinite TP [Aesteval]
02481836 000203E7

Lloyd 999 P.Atk, P.Def, A.Atk, A.Def, Dex, and Luck [Aesteval]
0248183C 000503E7

Lloyd 9999 SP [Aesteval]
02481860 0000270F

Genis Infinite HP [Aesteval]
02481A00 0002270F

Genis Infinite TP [Aesteval]
02481A06 000203E7

Genis 999 P.Atk, P.Def, A.Atk, A.Def, Dex, and Luck [Aesteval]
02481A0C 000503E7

Genis 9999 SP [Aesteval]
02481A30 0000270F

Raine Infinite HP [Aesteval]
02481AE8 0002270F

Raine Infinite TP [Aesteval]
02481AEE 000203E7

Raine 999 P.Atk, P.Def, A.Atk, A.Def, Dex, and Luck [Aesteval]
02481AF4 000503E7

Raine 9999 SP [Aesteval]
02481B18 0000270F

Sheena Infinite HP [Aesteval]
02481BD0 0002270F

Sheena Infinite TP [Aesteval]
02481BD6 000203E7

Sheena 999 P.Atk, P.Def, A.Atk, A.Def, Dex, and Luck [Aesteval]
02481BDC 000503E7

Sheena 9999 SP [Aesteval]
02481C00 0000270F

Zelos Infinite HP [Aesteval]
02481CB8 0002270F

Zelos Infinite TP [Aesteval]
02481CBE 000203E7

Zelos 999 P.Atk, P.Def, A.Atk, A.Def, Dex, and Luck [Aesteval]
02481CC4 000503E7

Zelos 9999 SP [Aesteval]
02481CE8 0000270F

Presea Infinite HP [Aesteval]
02481DA0 0002270F

Presea Infinite TP [Aesteval]
02481DA6 000203E7

Presea 999 P.Atk, P.Def, A.Atk, A.Def, Dex, and Luck [Aesteval]
02481DAC 000503E7

Presea 9999 SP [Aesteval]
02481DD0 0000270F

Regal Infinite HP [Aesteval]
02481E88 0002270F

Regal Infinite TP [Aesteval]
02481E8E 000203E7

Regal 999 P.Atk, P.Def, A.Atk, A.Def, Dex, and Luck [Aesteval]
02481E94 000503E7

Regal 9999 SP [Aesteval]
02481EB8 0000270F

Monster 1 Infinite HP [Aesteval]
02482228 0002270F

Monster 1 Infinite TP [Aesteval]
0248222E 000203E7

Monster 1 999 P.Atk, P.Def, A.Atk, A.Def, Dex, and Luck [Aesteval]
02482234 000503E7

Monster 1 9999 SP [Aesteval]
02482258 0000270F

Monster 2 Infinite HP [Aesteval]
02482310 0002270F

Monster 2 Infinite TP [Aesteval]
02482316 000203E7

Monster 2 999 P.Atk, P.Def, A.Atk, A.Def, Dex, and Luck [Aesteval]
0248231C 000503E7

Monster 2 9999 SP [Aesteval]
02482340 0000270F

Monster 3 Infinite HP [Aesteval]
024823F8 0002270F

Monster 3 Infinite TP [Aesteval]
024823FE 000203E7

Monster 3 999 P.Atk, P.Def, A.Atk, A.Def, Dex, and Luck [Aesteval]
02482404 000503E7

Monster 3 9999 SP [Aesteval]
02482428 0000270F

Monster 4 Infinite HP [Aesteval]
024824E0 0002270F

Monster 4 Infinite TP [Aesteval]
024824E6 000203E7

Monster 4 999 P.Atk, P.Def, A.Atk, A.Def, Dex, and Luck [Aesteval]
024824EC 000503E7

Monster 4 9999 SP [Aesteval]
02482510 0000270F

Monster Mod Note
Add E8 to memory addresses for each monster after 4 to modify the next monster (5 - ???)

Equipment Modifier

Lloyd Weapon [Aesteval]
02481854 0000ZZZZ

Lloyd Body [Aesteval]
02481856 0000ZZZZ

Lloyd Head [Aesteval]
02481858 0000ZZZZ

Lloyd Arm [Aesteval]
0248185A 0000ZZZZ

Lloyd Other 1 [Aesteval]
0248185C 0000ZZZZ

Lloyd Other 2 [Aesteval]
0248185E 0000ZZZZ

Colette Weapon [Aesteval]
0248193C 0000ZZZZ

Colette Body [Aesteval]
0248193E 0000ZZZZ

Colette Head [Aesteval]
02481940 0000ZZZZ

Colette Arm [Aesteval]
02481942 0000ZZZZ

Colette Other 1 [Aesteval]
02481944 0000ZZZZ

Colette Other 2 [Aesteval]
02481946 0000ZZZZ

Genis Weapon [Aesteval]
02481A24 0000ZZZZ

Genis Body [Aesteval]
02481A26 0000ZZZZ

Genis Head [Aesteval]
02481A28 0000ZZZZ

Genis Arm [Aesteval]
02481A2A 0000ZZZZ

Genis Other 1 [Aesteval]
02481A2C 0000ZZZZ

Genis Other 2 [Aesteval]
02481A2E 0000ZZZZ

Raine Weapon [Aesteval]
02481B0C 0000ZZZZ

Raine Body [Aesteval]
02481B0E 0000ZZZZ

Raine Head [Aesteval]
02481B10 0000ZZZZ

Raine Arm [Aesteval]
02481B12 0000ZZZZ

Raine Other 1 [Aesteval]
02481B14 0000ZZZZ

Raine Other 2 [Aesteval]
02481B16 0000ZZZZ

Sheena Weapon [Aesteval]
02481BF4 0000ZZZZ

Sheena Body [Aesteval]
02481BF6 0000ZZZZ

Sheena Head [Aesteval]
02481BF8 0000ZZZZ

Sheena Arm [Aesteval]
02481BFA 0000ZZZZ

Sheena Other 1 [Aesteval]
02481BFC 0000ZZZZ

Sheena Other 2 [Aesteval]
02481BFE 0000ZZZZ

Zelos Weapon [Aesteval]
02481CDC 0000ZZZZ

Zelos Body [Aesteval]
02481CDE 0000ZZZZ

Zelos Head [Aesteval]
02481CE0 0000ZZZZ

Zelos Arm [Aesteval]
02481CE2 0000ZZZZ

Zelos Other 1 [Aesteval]
02481CE4 0000ZZZZ

Zelos Other 2 [Aesteval]
02481CE6 0000ZZZZ

Presea Weapon [Aesteval]
02481DC4 0000ZZZZ

Presea Body [Aesteval]
02481DC6 0000ZZZZ

Presea Head [Aesteval]
02481DC8 0000ZZZZ

Presea Arm [Aesteval]
02481DCA 0000ZZZZ

Presea Other 1 [Aesteval]
02481DCC 0000ZZZZ

Presea Other 2 [Aesteval]
02481DCE 0000ZZZZ

Regal Weapon [Aesteval]
02481EAC 0000ZZZZ

Regal Body [Aesteval]
02481EAE 0000ZZZZ

Regal Head [Aesteval]
02481EB0 0000ZZZZ

Regal Arm [Aesteval]
02481EB2 0000ZZZZ

Regal Other 1 [Aesteval]
02481EB4 0000ZZZZ

Regal Other 2 [Aesteval]
02481EB6 0000ZZZZ

Emil Weapon [Aesteval]
02481F94 0000ZZZZ

Emil Body [Aesteval]
02481F96 0000ZZZZ

Emil Head [Aesteval]
02481F98 0000ZZZZ

Emil Arm [Aesteval]
02481F9A 0000ZZZZ

Emil Other 1 [Aesteval]
02481F9C 0000ZZZZ

Emil Other 2 [Aesteval]
02481F9E 0000ZZZZ

Marta Weapon [Aesteval]
0248207C 0000ZZZZ

Marta Body [Aesteval]
0248207E 0000ZZZZ

Marta Head [Aesteval]
02482080 0000ZZZZ

Marta Arm [Aesteval]
02482082 0000ZZZZ

Marta Other 1 [Aesteval]
02482084 0000ZZZZ

Marta Other 2 [Aesteval]
02482086 0000ZZZZ

Richter Weapon [Aesteval]
02482164 0000ZZZZ

Richter Body [Aesteval]
02482166 0000ZZZZ

Richter Head [Aesteval]
02482168 0000ZZZZ

Richter Arm [Aesteval]
0248216A 0000ZZZZ

Richter Other 1 [Aesteval]
0248216C 0000ZZZZ

Richter Other 2 [Aesteval]
0248216E 0000ZZZZ

Monster 1 Weapon [Aesteval]
0248224C 0000ZZZZ

Monster 1 Body [Aesteval]
0248224E 0000ZZZZ

Monster 1 Head [Aesteval]
02482250 0000ZZZZ

Monster 1 Arm [Aesteval]
02482252 0000ZZZZ

Monster 1 Other 1 [Aesteval]
02482254 0000ZZZZ

Monster 1 Other 2 [Aesteval]
02482256 0000ZZZZ

Monster 2 Weapon [Aesteval]
02482334 0000ZZZZ

Monster 2 Body [Aesteval]
02482336 0000ZZZZ

Monster 2 Head [Aesteval]
02482338 0000ZZZZ

Monster 2 Arm [Aesteval]
0248233A 0000ZZZZ

Monster 2 Other 1 [Aesteval]
0248233C 0000ZZZZ

Monster 2 Other 2 [Aesteval]
0248233E 0000ZZZZ

Monster 3 Weapon [Aesteval]
0248241C 0000ZZZZ

Monster 3 Body [Aesteval]
0248241E 0000ZZZZ

Monster 3 Head [Aesteval]
02482420 0000ZZZZ

Monster 3 Arm [Aesteval]
02482422 0000ZZZZ

Monster 3 Other 1 [Aesteval]
02482424 0000ZZZZ

Monster 3 Other 2 [Aesteval]
02482426 0000ZZZZ

Monster 4 Weapon [Aesteval]
02482504 0000ZZZZ

Monster 4 Body [Aesteval]
02482506 0000ZZZZ

Monster 4 Head [Aesteval]
02482508 0000ZZZZ

Monster 4 Arm [Aesteval]
0248250A 0000ZZZZ

Monster 4 Other 1 [Aesteval]
0248250C 0000ZZZZ

Monster 4 Other 2 [Aesteval]
0248250E 0000ZZZZ

Monster Mod Note
Add E8 to memory addresses for each monster after 4 to modify the next monster (5 - ???)

Hex values for Equipment (Replace ZZZZ with these:)
0000 Empty
0001 Apple Gel
0002 Orange Gel
0003 Melange Gel
0004 Lemon Gel
0005 Pineapple Gel
0006 Miracle Gel
0007 Specific
0008 Treat
0009 Special Gel
000A Lottery Gel
000B Jelly Gel (Dummy)
000C Nectar Bottle
000D Cure Bottle
000E Dark Bottle
000F Dinei Bottle
0010 Holy Bottle
0011 Life Bottle
0012 Syrup Bottle
0013 Panacea Bottle
0014 Paralysis Bottle
0015 Poison Bottle
0016 Seal Bottle
0017 Shock Bottle
0018 Stone Bottle
0019 Virus Bottle
001A Weak Bottle
001B Wing Bottle
001C Sage
001D Savory
001E Lavender
001F Verbena
0020 Chamomile
0021 Basil
0022 Saffron
0023 Blue Sage
0024 Blue Savory
0025 Blue Lavender
0026 Blue Verbena
0027 Blue Chamomile
0028 Blue Basil
0029 Blue saffron
002A Red Sage
002B Red Savory
002C Red Lavender
002D Red Verbena
002E Red Chamomile
002F Red Basil
0030 Red Saffron
0031 Rosemary (Dummy)
0032 Blue Rosemary (Dummy)
0033 Red Rosemary (Dummy)
0034 All-Divide
0035 Hourglass (Dummy)
0036 Grey Manuscript
0037 White Manuscript
0038 Yellow Manuscript
0039 Peach Manuscript
003A Scarlet Manuscript
003B Azure Manuscript
003C Purple Manuscript
003D Silver Manuscript
003E Gold Manuscript
003F Rainbow Manuscript
0040 Message: Near Death
0041 Message: Fatal Blow
0042 Message: Strength
0043 Message: Mental
0044 Message: Warlord
0045 Message: Sage
0046 Message: Artist
0047 Message: Stronghold
0048 Message: Fortress
0049 Message: Hawkeye
004A Undine's Whisper
004B Volt's Whim
004C Undine's Affection
004D Efreet's Help
004E Undine's Charity
004F Gnome's Dust
0050 Shadow's Language
0051 Aska's Embrace
0052 Sylph's Circle
0053 Gnome's Flip Out
0054 Efreet's Hammer
0055 Gnome's Dance
0056 Undine's Tears
0057 Sylph's Mischief
0058 Celsius Sigh
0059 Volt's Melancholy
005A Shadow's Walk
005B Gnome's Frustration
005C Luna's Punishment
005D Efreet's Anger
005E Tenebrae's Core
005F Tenebrae
0060 Aqua's Core
0061 Aqua
0062 Glacies' Core
0063 Glacies
0064 Tonitrus' Core (Dummy)
0065 Tonitrus
0066 Lumen's Core (Dummy)
0067 Lumen
0068 Solum's Core (Dummy)
0069 Solum
006A Ventus' Core (Dummy)
006B Ventus
006C Ignis' Core (Dummy)
006D Ignis
006E Eau de Seduction
006F Lloyd's Mask 1
0070 Lloyd's Mask 2
0071 Lloyd's Mask 3
0072 Lloyd's Card 1
0073 Lloyd's Card 2
0074 Seafood Gel
0075 Research Notes 1
0076 Research Notes 2
0077 Presea's Iron Maiden (Dummy)
0078 Marta's Wood (Dummy)
0079 High-Speed Transport
007A Rheaird
007B Sorcerer's Ring
007C Baby Winged Dragon
007D Stone Dais Key
007E Maiden's Cane
007F Bartek
0080 Rosemary
0081 Jellyfish
0082 Letter of Passage
0083 Card Key 1
0084 Card Key
0085 Elevator Key
0086 Card Key 2
0087 Card Key 3
0088 Pass Card
0089 Pass Card A
008A Pass Card B
008B Pass Card C
008C Pass Card D
008D Training Manual
008E Journal
008F Balacruf Symbol
0090 Balacruf Tombstone
0091 Angelatops
0092 Pendant
0093 Special Bait
0094 Water Spider
0095 Lloyd's Mask 4
0096 Pasta
0097 Rice
0098 Flour
0099 Bread
009A Roll
009B Barley Rice
009C Juicy Meat
009D Beef
009E Chicken
009F Pork
00A0 Beef Strips
00A1 Konjac
00A2 Tofu
00A3 Snapper
00A4 Squid
00A5 Cod
00A6 Tuna
00A7 Shellfish
00A8 Octopus
00A9 Shrimp
00AA Bell Pepper
00AB Lettuce
00AC Cucumber
00AD Onion
00AE Radish
00AF Tomato
00B0 Carrot
00B1 Mushroom
00B2 Cabbage
00B3 Potato
00B4 Amango
00B5 Kirima
00B6 Melon
00B7 Pineapple
00B8 Strawberry
00B9 Grapes
00BA Peach
00BB Pear
00BC Banana
00BD Apple
00BE Lemon
00BF Purple Satay
00C0 Black Satay
00C1 White Satay
00C2 Red Satay
00C3 Cheese
00C4 Miso
00C5 Kelp
00C6 Seaweed
00C7 Egg
00C8 Milk
00C9 Plant Vine
00CA Thick Leaf
00CB Flower Petals
00CC Leaf Mold
00CD Tree Sap
00CE Lumber
00CF Treant Bulb
00D0 Charcoal
00D1 Beautiful Flower
00D2 Moss
00D3 Slime Mold
00D4 Fragrant Wood
00D5 Small Fang
00D6 Fluffy Fur
00D7 Sharp Claw
00D8 Slough
00D9 Mane
00DA Lizard Tail
00DB Wolf Fur
00DC Rabbit Tail
00DD Bear Skin
00DE Lizard Skin
00DF Ogre's Blood
00E0 Evil Eye
00E1 Horn
00E2 Insect's Wing
00E3 Cocoon
00E4 Stinger
00E5 Crawler's Silk
00E6 Elastic Leather
00E7 Twisted Horn
00E8 Insect Fluid
00E9 Deadly Poison
00EA Spider's Net
00EB Ore
00EC Large Scythe
00ED Bird Feather
00EE Beak
00EF Spoiled Meat
00F0 Roc's Feather
00F1 Chicken Bones
00F2 Bat Wing
00F3 Rough Leather
00F4 Phoenix's Wing
00F5 Hawk's Eye
00F6 Harpy's Feather
00F7 Bat Fang
00F8 Bird Egg
00F9 Turtle Shell
00FA Ink
00FB Fish Scale
00FC Seashell
00FD Frog Eggs
00FE Spongy Skin
00FF Quality Shell
0100 Jar Fragment
0101 Quality Scale
0102 Coral
0103 Large Shell
0104 Frog Oil
0105 Yellow Fluid
0106 Black Fluid
0107 Red Fluid
0108 Blue Fluid
0109 Pebble
010A Roper Feeler
010B Slime Oil
010C Pure Silver
010D Glittering Sand
010E Monster Extract
010F Saliva
0110 Philosopher's Stone
0111 Imp's Wing
0112 Demon's Wing
0113 Imp's Tail
0114 Lamia's Tail
0115 Demon's Horn
0116 Lamia's Hair Tie
0117 Knife
0118 Hunting Horn
0119 Pointed Horn
011A Devil's Blood
011B Lamia's Bracelet
011C Musk
011D Wyvern's Scale
011E Wyvern's Wing
011F Wyvern's Skin
0120 Dragon's Scale
0121 Dragon's Claw
0122 Dragon's Fang
0123 Large Scale
0124 Dragon's Bone
0125 Dragon's Blood
0126 Dragon's Anger
0127 Dragon's Skull
0128 Dragon's Horn
0129 Scattered Bones
012A Femur
012B Old Coin
012C Broken Armor
012D Bloody Cloth
012E Skull
012F Strong Bone
0130 Ashes
0131 Broken Sword
0132 Ghost's Cloth
0133 Anima
0134 Animus
0135 Stone Block
0136 Golem Fragment
0137 Weapon Fragment
0138 Mimic Fragment
0139 Statue Fragment
013A Elemental Fragment
013B Mythril
013C Steel Ball
013D Damascus
013E Orichalcum
013F Electrum
0140 Quality Stone
0141 Bronze Sword
0142 Iron Sword
0143 Small Sword
0144 Long Sword
0145 Broadsword
0146 Hunting Sword
0147 Great Sword
0148 Gold Sword
0149 Black Sword
014A Bastard Sword
014B Knight's Sword
014C Mythril Sword
014D Riot Spike
014E Echo Tracer
014F Vile Requiem
0150 Soul Blast
0151 Mind Slicer
0152 Mesmeric Trance
0153 Demonic Torment
0154 Nether Traitor
0155 Bronze Spinner
0156 Iron Spinner
0157 Ivory Spinner
0158 Gothic Spinner
0159 Silver Spinner
015A Coral Spinner
015B Demonic Spinner
015C Gold Spinner
015D Black Spinner
015E Dragon Spinner
015F Unicorn Spinner
0160 Mythril Spinner
0161 Millstone
0162 War Chariot
0163 Retribution
0164 Clock Spinner
0165 Dark Sphere
0166 Energy Arc
0167 Trick Bind
0168 Kismet
0169 Rapier
016A Gagnrad
016B Chakram
016C Angel's Halo
016D Nova
016E One World
016F Rod
0170 Crystal Rod
0171 Spell Card
0172 Divine Judgement
0173 Silver Sword
0174 Last Fencer
0175 Francesca
0176 Gaia Cleaver
0177 Leather Greaves
0178 Dynast
0179 Sol and Mani
017A Leather Plate
017B Iron Plate
017C Chain Plate
017D Scale Plate
017E Silver Plate
017F Half Plate
0180 Battle Plate
0181 Light Plate
0182 Black Plate
0183 Royal Plate
0184 Rare Plate
0185 Mythril Plate
0186 Blood Lust
0187 Incinerator
0188 Lawful Light
0189 Li 558 on Heart
018A Pain Killer
018B Power Drive
018C Solitude
018D Strange Blue
018E Cloak
018F Feather Cloak
0190 Silk Cloak
0191 White Cloak
0192 Silver Cloak
0193 Mage Cloak
0194 Mystic Cloak
0195 Holy Cloak
0196 Witch Cloak
0197 Mirage Cloak
0198 Elder Cloak
0199 Mythril Cloak
019A Angel Dust
019B Anthem
019C Fairy Tale
019D Moon Luminance
019E Phantom Lord
019F Prime Evil
01A0 Rain Maker
01A1 Windmill
01A2 Bandanna
01A3 Leather Bandanna
01A4 Custom Bandanna
01A5 Sturdy Bandanna
01A6 Plate Bandanna
01A7 Quill Bandanna
01A8 Studded Bandanna
01A9 Martial Bandanna
01AA Light Bandanna
01AB Noble Bandanna
01AC Thick Bandanna
01AD Dusk Bandanna
01AE Fencer's Bandanna
01AF Warrior's Bandanna
01B0 Rogue's Bandanna
01B1 Red Ribbon
01B2 Blue Ribbon
01B3 Orange Ribbon
01B4 Green Ribbon
01B5 White Ribbon
01B6 Black Ribbon
01B7 Purple Ribbon
01B8 Yellow Ribbon
01B9 Plaid Ribbon
01BA Striped Ribbon
01BB Pretty Ribbon
01BC Elemental Ribbon
01BD Puppet's Ribbon
01BE Wizard's Ribbon
01BF Healer's Ribbon
01C0 Leather Gauntlets
01C1 Iron Gauntlets
01C2 Chain Gauntlets
01C3 Scale Gauntlets
01C4 Silver Gauntlets
01C5 Half Gauntlets< 2598 br> 01C6 Battle Gauntlets
01C7 Light Gauntlets
01C8 Black Gauntlets
01C9 Royal Gauntlets
01CA Rare Gauntlets
01CB Mythril Gauntlets
01CC Dark Passage
01CD Soul Forge
01CE Star Breaker
01CF Mittens
01D0 Feather Mittens
01D1 Silk Mittens
01D2 White Mittens
01D3 Silver Mittens
01D4 Mage Mittens
01D5 Mystic Mittens
01D6 Holy Mittens
01D7 Witch Mittens
01D8 Mirage Mittens
01D9 Elder Mittens
01DA Mythril Mittens
01DB Crossroad
01DC Fortune Teller
01DD Master Mind
01DE Splint Mail
01DF Mumbane
01E0 Golden Armor
01E1 Iron Guard
01E2 Solar Guard
01E3 Prism Protector
01E4 Magic Cloak
01E5 Druid Cloak
01E6 Queen Cloak
01E7 Amber Robe
01E8 Carnelian Robe
01E9 Cerulean Robe
01EA Viridian Robe
01EB Duel Helm
01EC Golden Helm
01ED Rare Circlet
01EE Elemental Crest
01EF Aifread's Hat
01F0 Ancient Ribbon
01F1 Magical Ribbon
01F2 Rare Bracelet
01F3 Angel Bracelet
01F4 Kaiser Bracelet
01F5 Draupnir
01F6 Snow Mittens
01F7 Queen Mittens
01F8 Sea Fire
01F9 Dual Blaze
01FA Flambeau
01FB Virus Charm
01FC Stone Charm
01FD Poison Charm
01FE Seal Charm
01FF Paralysis Charm
0200 Shock Charm
0201 Weak Charm
0202 Sleep Charm
0203 Virus Periapt
0204 Stone Periapt
0205 Poison Periapt
0206 Seal Periapt
0207 Paralysis Periapt
0208 Shock Periapt
0209 Weak Periapt
020A Sleep Periapt
020B Amulet
020C Talisman
020D Blue Amulet
020E Blue Talisman
020F Garnet Ring
0210 Ruby Ring
0211 Aquamarine Ring
0212 Opal Ring
0213 Sapphire Ring
0214 Sardonyx Ring
0215 Topaz Ring
0216 Amethyst Ring
0217 Electrum Ring
0218 Platinum Ring
0219 Mythril Ring
021A Orichalcum Ring
021B Ring 13 (Dummy)
021C Ring 14 (Dummy)
021D Ring 15 (Dummy)
021E Heal Mark
021F Holy Mark
0220 Mystic Mark
0221 Spirit Mark
0222 Mana Mark
0223 Heal Symbol
0224 Holy Symbol
0225 Mystic Symbol
0226 Spirit Symbol
0227 Mana Symbol
0228 Fire Cape
0229 Earth Cape
022A Water Cape
022B Wind Cape
022C Ice Cape
022D Thunder Cape
022E Light Cape
022F Dark Cape
0230 Cape
0231 Leather Cape
0232 Thief's Cape
0233 Elven Cape
0234 Surtr's Cape
0235 Freyja's Cape
0236 Aegir's Cape
0237 Forseti's Cape
0238 Ymir's Cape
0239 Thor's Cape
023A Baldr's Cape
023B Woden's Cape
023C Boots
023D Leather Boots
023E Long Boots
023F Heavy Boots
0240 Sturdy Boots
0241 Feather Boots
0242 Combat Boots
0243 Studded Boots
0244 Seven League Boots
0245 Persian Boots
0246 Garnet
0247 Ruby
0248 Aquamarine
0249 Opal
024A Sapphire
024B Sardonyx
024C Topaz
024D Amethyst
024E Jewel 9 (Dummy)
024F Jewel 10 (Dummy)
0250 Ground Breaker
0251 Feral Shadow
0252 Edge Walker
0253 Arcanum Wings
0254 Innocent Blood
0255 Damnation
0256 Lord of Chaos
0257 Bright Flame
0258 Heart Warden
0259 Jihad

Party Modification

Spot 1 [Aesteval]
004931E7 0000000X

Spot 2 [Aesteval]
004931EF 0000000X

Spot 3 [Aesteval]
004931F7 0000000X

Spot 4 [Aesteval]
004931FF 0000000X
04493200 AAAABBBB

Spot 5 [Aesteval]
00493207 0000000X
04493208 AAAABBBB

Spot 6 [Aesteval]
0049320F 0000000X
04493210 AAAABBBB

Spot 7 [Aesteval]
00493217 0000000X
04493218 AAAABBBB

Spot 8 [Aesteval]
0049321F 0000000X
04493220 AAAABBBB

Spot 9 [Aesteval]
00493227 0000000X
04493228 AAAABBBB

Spot 10 [Aesteval]
0049322F 0000000X
04493230 AAAABBBB

Party Mod Note
Based off of YCAT21's Party Mod code on the Japanese version. See Japanese version for valid data for AAAABBBB.
X = 0/1 Character/Monster - designating a monster as a character can crash the game in certain circumstances
AAAA = Some character data
BBBB = Portrait and some other character data
AAAABBBB can mix data from two separate characters. IE, you could have Richter's data with Presea's portrait and title in the menu.
May not be able to access all party slots if there isn't already a character present in it.

Artes Modifier

Lloyd Artes Modifier [ShadowX39]
044818D4 00XX00XX
044818D8 00XX00XX
You choose 4 Artes you want anyone to have and then you can choose between them in-battle. The character specific artes only have values for them alone sadly. All Misc artes should work with everyone, if it doesn't send me a message please.

Colette Artes Modifier [ShadowX39]
044819BC 00XX00XX
044819C0 00XX00XX

Genis Artes Modifier [ShadowX39]
04481AA4 00XX00XX
04481AA8 00XX00XX

Raine Artes Modifier [ShadowX39]
04481B8C 00XX00XX
04481B90 00XX00XX

Sheena Artes Modifier [ShadowX39]
04481C74 00XX00XX
04481C78 00XX00XX

Zelos Artes Modifier [ShadowX39]
04481D5C 00XX00XX
04481D60 00XX00XX

Presea Artes Modifier [ShadowX39]
04481E44 00XX00XX
04481E48 00XX00XX

Regal Artes Modifier [ShadowX39]
04481F2C 00XX00XX
04481F30 00XX00XX
Regal's Destroying Army Arte takes a while to finish and does few damage from what I remember. Obviously a beta!

Emil Artes Modifier [ShadowX39]
04482014 00XX00XX
04482018 00XX00XX

Marta Artes Modifier [ShadowX39]
044820FC 00XX00XX
04482100 00XX00XX

Richter Artes Modifier [ShadowX39]
044821E4 00XX00XX
044821E8 00XX00XX
Richter's Eternal Recurrence will make the screen white once it's finished until you win the battle.. you can do the Arte again and it will return to normal during the animation, then back to white.

01 Demon Fang
02 Double Demon Fang
03 Tiger Blade
04 Tiger Rage
05 Sonic Thrust
06 Sword Rain
07 Tempest
08 Beast
09 Raging Beast
0A Rising Falcon
0B Divine Justice
0C Sword Rain: Alpha
0D Demonic Tiger Blade
0E Raging Tiger Blade
0F Blazing Tempest
10 Rising Phoenix
11 Auto Item

01 Pow Hammer
02 Pow Pow Hammer
03 Item Thief
04 Ray Thrust
05 Triple Ray Thrust
06 Ring Whirlwind
07 Whirlwind Rush
08 Grand Chariot
09 Stardust Cross
0A Holy Judgment
0B Auto Item

01 Indignation
02 Auto Item

01 Sacred Shine
02 Auto Item

01 Pyre Seal
02 Power Seal
03 Serpent Seal
04 Mirage Seal
05 Life Seal
06 Spirit Seal
07 Demon Seal
08 Cyclone Seal
09 Quasi Seal
0A Auto Item

01 Demon Fang
02 Hell Pyre
03 Sonic Thrust
04 Lightning Blade
05 Light Spear
06 Severing Wind
07 Light Spear Cannon
08 Demon Spear
09 Shining Bind
0A Auto Item

01 Destruction
02 Punishment
03 Dual Punishment
04 Rising Punishment
05 Infliction
06 Resolute Inflict 2af8 ion
07 Devastation
08 Mass Devastation
09 Infinite Devastation
0A Punishing Beast
0B Eternal Damnation
0C Infernal Ruin
0D Crimson Devastation
0E Auto Item

01 Triple Kick
02 White Wolf
03 Dragon Claws
04 Crescent Moon
05 Swallow Dance
06 Dragon Surge
07 Eagle Dive
08 Triple Rage Kick
09 Heavenly Dragon
0A Heaven's Charge
0B Roaring Havoc
0C Coil
0D Final Fury: Hungry Wolf
0E Final Fury: Destroying Army
0F Auto Item

01 Demon Fang
02 Ravaging Tiger
03 Savage Reaper
04 Blade Fury
05 Fiend Fusion
06 Havoc Strike
07 Phoenix Rush
08 Raining Fangs
09 Quake Assault
0A Raging Thrust
0B Heavenly Tempest
0C Sword Rain: Alpha
0D Light Spear Cannon
0E Swallow Fury
0F Dark Radiance
10 Dual Death
11 Converging Fury
12 Raging Heaven
13 Demon's Rage
14 Roaring Tiger
15 Devil's Maw
16 Devil's Hellfire
17 Ars Nova
18 Ain Soph Aur
19 Auto Item

01 Crescent Dance
02 Dancing Swallow
03 Swallow Waltz
04 Roaring Phoenix
05 Radiant Gale
06 Tempest Swallow
07 Remnant Strike
08 Steel
09 Ars Nova
0A Radiant Roar
0B Auto Item

01 Mortal Spring
02 Mortal Autumn
03 Enduring Spring
04 Enduring Summer
05 Mortal Winter
06 Mortal Equinox
07 Enduring Equinox
08 Enduring Winter
09 Mortal Summer
0A Enduring Autumn
0B Aqua Edge
0C Eternal Recurrence
0D Taunt

41 Fire Ball
42 Stone Blast
43 Aqua Edge
44 Wind Blade
45 Ice Needles
46 Lightning
47 Eruption
48 Stalagmite
49 Splash
4A Turbulence
4B Icicle Rain
4C Thunder Blade
4D Photon
4E Negative Gate
4F Explode
50 Ground Dasher
51 Blessed Drops
52 Flare Tornado
53 Absolute
54 Indignation
55 Divine Saber
56 Bloody Howling
57 Gravity Well
58 Prism Sword
59 Meteor Storm
5A First Aid
5B Dispel
5C Charge
5D Heal
5E Healing Circle
5F Recover
60 Sharpness
61 Barrier
62 Enhance Cast
63 Resist
64 Cure
65 Revitalize
66 Resurrection
67 Revive
68 Holy Song
69 Judgment
6A Grand Cross
6B Tidal Wave
6C Cyclone
6D Healing Wind
6E Life
6F Healer
70 Sacred Shine
71 Blazing Hearts
72 Scare Shot
73 Wild Fire
74 Maelstrom
75 Hurricane
76 Catastrophe
77 Final Punishment
78 Avalanche
79 Wrath of God
7A Obliterate
7B Radiant Roar
7C Judgment

Model Modifier

Colette-In-Battle Models [ShadowX39]
0579FDFC 089A7D45
0579FE00 001D1400
These are all in-battle models. It's possible to replace enemy/boss models with others. It loads that specific model's enemy/boss stats and you will fight them. You can also model swap any monster with anyone, including people like Alice with no freezes! You can make your own challenges by model swapping enemies you know will appear, like in the Battle Arena at Meltokio. These changes will also affect your own monsters, so you're free to use any of these characters yourself.

Emil(Ratatosk) [ShadowX39]
0579FE50 08A22845
0579FE54 00336320

Emil [ShadowX39]
0579FE5C 08AF010D
0579FE60 00336220

Emil(Starting Outfit) [ShadowX39]
0579FEE0 08BCA935
0579FEE4 001098C0

Genis [ShadowX39]
0579FF64 08C19F05
0579FF68 0015AEC0

Lloyd [ShadowX39]
0579FFB8 08C781D5
0579FFBC 00181A60

Marta [ShadowX39]
057A000C 08CE1A2D
057A0010 001E9220

Presea [ShadowX39]
057A0090 08D68AD5
057A0094 00196800

Raine [ShadowX39]
057A00E4 08DD5BB5
057A00E8 00137600

Regal(Prisoner Outfit) [ShadowX39]
057A0138 08E2BA55
057A013C 001D0360

Regal [ShadowX39]
057A0144 08E9FB2D
057A0148 001D3B40

Richter [ShadowX39]
057A01E0 08F1F23D
057A01E4 00205CA0

Sheena [ShadowX39]
057A0234 08FA9BE5
057A0238 0017B500

Zelos [ShadowX39]
057A0288 09012745
057A028C 001BACE0

Alice(1st) [ShadowX39]
057A02F4 09091215
057A02F8 001D0900
This model is used for the first fight against her.

Alice(2nd) [ShadowX39]
057A0300 09105455
057A0304 001D0900
This second model might of been a planned but cut match.

Alice(3rd) [ShadowX39]
057A030C 09179695
057A0310 001D0900
This model is used for the last fight against her and Decus.

Slime [ShadowX39]
057A0318 091ED8D5
057A031C 00046740

Mousse [ShadowX39]
057A0324 091FF2A5
057A0328 000466A0

Jelly [ShadowX39]
057A0330 09210C4D
057A0334 00046700

Ooze [ShadowX39]
057A033C 0922260D
057A0340 000466C0

Pudding [ShadowX39]
057A0348 09233FBD
057A034C 000477C0

Slime Mold [ShadowX39]
057A0354 09245DAD
057A0358 00047900

Giant Slime [ShadowX39]
057A0360 09257BED
057A0364 00048D60

Ligeia [ShadowX39]
057A036C 09269F45
057A0370 0005F1E0

Leech [ShadowX39]
057A0378 09281BBD
057A037C 00045AE0

Poison Leech [ShadowX39]
057A0384 09293275
057A0388 00046A40

Giant Leech [ShadowX39]
057A0390 092A4D05
057A0394 00064FE0

Leech King [ShadowX39]
057A039C 092BE0FD
057A03A0 0004A5A0

Blood Sucker [ShadowX39]
057A03A8 092D0A65
057A03AC 00046A20

Blood Bound [ShadowX39]
057A03B4 092E24ED
057A03B8 00046FA0

Gamat [ShadowX39]
057A03C0 092F40D5
057A03C4 0006F240

Anemone [ShadowX39]
057A03CC 0930FD65
057A03D0 0006FA60

Lunantisidhe [ShadowX39]
057A03D8 0932BBFD
057A03DC 00058B80

Blue Rose [ShadowX39]
057A03E4 09341EDD
057A03E8 000574C0

Incognito [ShadowX39]
057A03F0 09357C0D
057A03F4 00063500

Tortoise [ShadowX39]
057A03FC 0937094D
057A0400 00089920

Archelon [ShadowX39]
057A0408 09392F95
057A040C 00097400

Megalith [ShadowX39]
057A0414 093B8C95
057A0418 0008A900

Dark Steel [ShadowX39]
057A0420 093DB6D5
057A0424 0009CE80

Zaratan [ShadowX39]
057A042C 09402A75
057A0430 00089E60

Aspidoceleon [ShadowX39]
057A0438 0942520D
057A043C 0009AC00

Sea Monk [ShadowX39]
057A0444 0944BD0D
057A0448 0009E520

Kraken [ShadowX39]
057A0450 09473655
057A0454 0009E480

Sea Bishop [ShadowX39]
057A045C 0949AF75
057A0460 0009E500

Charybdis [ShadowX39]
057A0468 094C28B5
057A046C 0009E5E0

Lusca [ShadowX39]
057A0474 094EA22D
057A0478 000A64C0

Killer Fish [ShadowX39]
057A0480 09513B5D
057A0484 0003D360

Giant Killer Fish [ShadowX39]
057A048C 09523035
057A0490 00051700

Remora [ShadowX39]
057A0498 095375F5
057A049C 000B0F80

Echeneis [ShadowX39]
057A04A4 095639D5
057A04A8 000B1480

Barracuda [ShadowX39]
057A04B0 0958FEF5
057A04B4 000B8540

Sea Hog [ShadowX39]
057A04BC 095BE045
057A04C0 000572C0

Orca [ShadowX39]
057A04C8 095D3CF5
057A04CC 00056000

Jasconius [ShadowX39]
057A04D4 095E94F5
057A04D8 0009DD40

Merrow [ShadowX39]
057A04E0 09610C45
057A04E4 00078300

Nixie [ShadowX39]
057A04EC 0962ED05
057A04F0 000780A0

Selkie [ShadowX39]
057A04F8 0964CD2D
057A04FC 0007BC20

Nereis [ShadowX39]
057A0504 0966BC35
057A0508 000A1FC0

Asrai [ShadowX39]
057A0510 09694425
057A0514 00077900

Rusalka [ShadowX39]
057A051C 096B2265
057A0520 00080DE0

Siren(Aqua's Monster) [ShadowX39]
057A0528 096D25DD
057A052C 000747E0

Polwigle [ShadowX39]
057A0534 096EF7D5
057A0538 00034B00

Grindylow [ShadowX39]
057A0540 096FCA95
057A0544 000355C0

Poseideon(Giant Polwigle) [ShadowX39]
057A054C 0970A005
057A0550 00047520

Bullfrog [ShadowX39]
057A0558 0971BD4D
057A055C 000699E0

Oannes [ShadowX39]
057A0564 097363C5
057A0568 0006C7E0

Baal [ShadowX39]
057A0570 097515BD
057A0574 0006B540

Heqet [ShadowX39]
057A057C 0976C30D
057A0580 000AB760

Nazdrovie(Izoold Boss) [ShadowX39]
057A0588 097970E5
057A058C 0007E700

Clay Golem [ShadowX39]
057A0594 097B6AA5
057A0598 00075360

Golem [ShadowX39]
057A05A0 097D3F7D
057A05A4 00083D40

Rock Golem [ShadowX39]
057A05AC 097F4ECD
057A05B0 00078860

Mythril Golem [ShadowX39]
057A05B8 098130E5
057A05BC 00076320

Talos [ShadowX39]
057A05C4 098309AD
057A05C8 000764A0

Ice Titan [ShadowX39]
057A05D0 0984E2D5
057A05D4 00085C40

Aramis(Alice's Pet) [ShadowX39]
057A05DC 0986F9E5
057A05E0 000811C0

Poltergeist [ShadowX39]
057A05E8 0988FE55
057A05EC 0003E580

Living Sword [ShadowX39]
057A05F4 0989F7B5
057A05F8 00045F20

Machina [ShadowX39]
057A0600 098B0F7D
057A0604 00045180

Mournblade [ShadowX39]
057A060C 098C23DD
057A0610 0007A9E0

Made in Heaven [ShadowX39]
057A0618 098E0E55
057A061C 0005DCE0

Automaton [ShadowX39]
057A0624 098F858D
057A0628 0004AFE0

Colossus [ShadowX39]
057A0630 0990B185
057A0634 0009E1E0

Goliath [ShadowX39]
057A063C 099329FD
057A0640 0009B040

Gargoyle [ShadowX39]
057A0648 0995960D
057A064C 000915C0

Epitaph [ShadowX39]
057A0654 0997DB7D
057A0658 0008F160

Mimic [ShadowX39]
057A0660 099A17D5
057A0664 00093740

Pandora [ShadowX39]
057A066C 099C65A5
057A0670 000941C0

Shape Shifter [ShadowX39]
057A0678 099EB615
057A067C 000934E0

Jaw Breaker [ShadowX39]
057A0684 09A1034D
057A0688 0005B200

Igniter [ShadowX39]
057A0690 09A26FCD
057A0694 000612A0

Muzzler [ShadowX39]
057A069C 09A3F475
057A06A0 00062100

Enforcer [ShadowX39]
057A06A8 09A57CB5
057A06AC 0006D080

Liberator [ShadowX39]
057A06B4 09A730D5
057A06B8 0006FDC0

Thinker [ShadowX39]
057A06C0 09A8F045
057A06C4 0006ECA0

Punisher [ShadowX39]
057A06CC 09AAAB6D
057A06D0 0006F820

Vortex(Aqua's Monster) [ShadowX39]
057A06D8 09AC6975
057A06DC 0006C260

Purger [ShadowX39]
057A06E4 09AE1A0D
057A06E8 00071BE0

Awakner [ShadowX39]
057A06F0 09AFE105
057A06F4 000749E0

Wind Master Prime(Wind Temple Boss) [ShadowX39]
057A06FC 09B1B37D
057A0700 00172100

Brute [ShadowX39]
057A0708 09B77BBD
057A070C 001F92E0

Wolf [ShadowX39]
057A0714 09BF6075
057A0718 000639C0

Black Wolf [ShadowX39]
057A0720 09C0EEE5
057A0724 00063A40

Hell Hound [ShadowX39]
057A072C 09C27D75
057A0730 00096C00

Padfoot [ShadowX39]
057A0738 09C4D875
057A073C 000C7900

Athos(Alice's Pet) [ShadowX39]
057A0744 09C7F6B5
057A0748 000C8480

Fenrir [ShadowX39]
057A0750 09CB17D5
057A0754 000DC060

Orion [ShadowX39]
057A075C 09CE87ED
057A0760 000DBDE0

Cerberus [ShadowX39]
057A0768 09D1F765
057A076C 000AD600

Bear [ShadowX39]
057A0774 09D4ACE5
057A0778 000978A0

Grisley [ShadowX39]
057A0780 09D70B0D
057A0784 00097880

Cave Bear [ShadowX39]
057A078C 09D9692D
057A0790 000978A0

Lucrezia(First Fight) [ShadowX39]
057A0798 09DBC755
057A079C 00094DC0

Were Bear [ShadowX39]
057A07A4 09DE1AC5
057A07A8 000C67E0

Wolf Heddin [ShadowX39]
057A07B0 09E134BD
057A07B4 000C7B40

Galf Beast [ShadowX39]
057A07BC 09E4538D
057A07C0 00097E80

Wild Rabbit [ShadowX39]
057A07C8 09E6B32D
057A07CC 000BF820

Cotton Tail [ShadowX39]
057A07D4 09E9B135
057A07D8 000C0920

Carbuncle [ShadowX39]
057A07E0 09ECB37D
057A07E4 000C0F20

Vorpal Bunny [ShadowX39]
057A07EC 09EFB745
057A07F0 000BF7C0

Micasa [ShadowX39]
057A07F8 09F2B535
057A07FC 000C0D40

Porthos(Alice's Pet) [ShadowX39]
057A0804 09F5B885
057A0808 000BD140

Peallaidh [ShadowX39]
057A0810 09F8ACD5
057A0814 0009F6C0

Gunna [ShadowX39]
057A081C 09FB2A85
057A0820 000A1720

Ogre [ShadowX39]
057A0828 09FDB04D
057A082C 000F9BC0

Red Ogre [ShadowX39]
057A0834 0A01973D
057A0838 000F8F20

Yeti [ShadowX39]
057A0840 0A057B05
057A0844 000F8760

Mirka(Ice Temple Boss) [ShadowX39]
057A084C 0A095CDD
057A0850 0015A100

Firbolg [ShadowX39]
057A0858 0A0EC51D
057A085C 0009E5E0

Titan [ShadowX39]
057A0864 0A113E95
057A0868 000A2820

Serpent [ShadowX39]
057A0870 0A13C89D
057A0874 00079680

Viper [ShadowX39]
057A087C 0A15AE3D
057A0880 0007F9A0

Kosh [ShadowX39]
057A0888 0A17ACA5
057A088C 00071320

Lizard [ShadowX39]
057A0894 0A19716D
057A0898 000A2FE0

Basilisk [ShadowX39]
057A08A0 0A1BFD65
057A08A4 00075FA0

Salamander [ShadowX39]
057A08AC 0A1DD54D
057A08B0 0007CA20

Chimera [ShadowX39]
057A08B8 0A1FC7D5
057A08BC 0009D300

Kitty Kat [ShadowX39]
057A08C4 0A223C95
057A08C8 0009F4A0

Elaphebolion(Giant Chimera) [ShadowX39]
057A08D0 0A24B9BD
057A08D4 000A1220

Manticore [ShadowX39]
057A08DC 0A273E45
057A08E0 000E1560

Sphinx [ShadowX39]
057A08E8 0A2AC39D
057A08EC 000DBCA0

Griffin [ShadowX39]
057A08F4 0A2E32C5
057A08F8 00099D20

Hippogryph [ShadowX39]
057A0900 0A309A0D
057A0904 00080F60

Helion(Alice's Pet) [ShadowX39]
057A090C 0A329DE5
057A0910 000AA820

Colette [ShadowX39]
057A0918 0A3547ED
057A091C 001EFA60
It seems Colette was planned to be a boss/enemy but got cut.

Magnar(1st) [ShadowX39]
057A0924 0A3D0685
057A0928 000B9BA0
This is used the first time you fight him.

Imp [ShadowX39]
057A0930 0A3FED6D
057A0934 00078440

Pit Fiend [ShadowX39]
057A093C 0A41CE7D
057A0940 000769A0

Cacodemon [ShadowX39]
057A0948 0A43A8E5
057A094C 00076D00

Pied Piper [ShadowX39]
057A0954 0A458425
057A0958 0007A560

Gremlin [ShadowX39]
057A0960 0A476D7D
057A0964 00077EA0

Skirophorion(Giant Imp) [ShadowX39]
057A096C 0A494D25
057A0970 000779A0

Demon [ShadowX39]
057A0978 0A4B2B8D
057A097C 000A3D20

Archdemon [ShadowX39]
057A0984 0A4DBAD5
057A0988 000A7820

Vroom [ShadowX39]
057A0990 0A5058DD
057A0994 000A8C00

Corduroy(Lightning Temple Boss) [ShadowX39]
057A099C 0A52FBDD
057A09A0 000A86E0

Lamina [ShadowX39]
057A09A8 0A559D95
057A09AC 00081380

Graeae [ShadowX39]
057A09B4 0A57A275
057A09B8 00085080

Erinyes [ShadowX39]
057A09C0 0A59B695
057A09C4 00077260

Gorgon [ShadowX39]
057A09CC 0A5B932D
057A09D0 00083780

Echidna [ShadowX39]
057A09D8 0A5DA10D
057A09DC 00075120

Moirae [ShadowX39]
057A09E4 0A5F7555
057A09E8 00083DC0

Ruby Dear [ShadowX39]
057A09F0 0A6184C5
057A09F4 000882E0

Decus(1st) [ShadowX39]
057A09FC 0A63A57D
057A0A00 002356A0
This model is used for the first fight against him.

Decus(2nd) [ShadowX39]
057A0A08 0A6C7B25
057A0A0C 002356C0
This model is used for the last fight against him and Alice.

Fire Drake [ShadowX39]
057A0A14 0A7550D5
057A0A18 00071A60

Wyvern [ShadowX39]
057A0A20 0A77176D
057A0A24 0006F900

Sea Wyvern [ShadowX39]
057A0A2C 0A78D5AD
057A0A30 00072EC0

Wyvern Lord [ShadowX39]
057A0A38 0A7AA15D
057A0A3C 00072E80

Vouivre [ShadowX39]
057A0A44 0A7C6CFD
057A0A48 00071A20

Ishrantu [ShadowX39]
057A0A50 0A7E3385
057A0A54 00074AA0

Bakunawa [ShadowX39]
057A0A5C 0A80062D
057A0A60 00077920

Were Dragon [ShadowX39]
057A0A68 0A81E475
057A0A6C 000CB940

Elder Dragon [ShadowX39]
057A0A74 0A8512C5
057A0A78 000CB3A0

Tiamat [ShadowX39]
057A0A80 0A883FAD
057A0A84 000CC6C0

Blade Rex [ShadowX39]
057A0A8C 0A8B715D
057A0A90 000CBB00

Schizos(Fought with Richter) [ShadowX39]
057A0A98 0A8EA01D
057A0A9C 000C6BA0

Shadow Dragon [ShadowX39]
057A0AA4 0A91BB05
057A0AA8 000E1FC0

Wyrm [ShadowX39]
057A0AB0 0A9542F5
057A0AB4 000C5D00

Fafnir [ShadowX39]
057A0ABC 0A985A35
057A0AC0 000E95C0

Jormungandr [ShadowX39]
057A0AC8 0A9BFFA5
057A0ACC 000AE540

Hydra [ShadowX39]
057A0AD4 0A9EB8F5
057A0AD8 000A2F20

Ladon(Aqua's Monster) [ShadowX39]
057A0AE0 0AA144BD
057A0AE4 000A40E0

Ratatosk(Final Fight) [ShadowX39]
057A0AEC 0AA3D4F5
057A0AF0 0034E660

Chirpee [ShadowX39]
057A0AF8 0AB10E8D
057A0AFC 00046560

Jabber [ShadowX39]
057A0B04 0AB227E5
057A0B08 0003FF00

Peepit [ShadowX39]
057A0B10 0AB327A5
057A0B14 00046EC0

Thargelion(Giant Chirpee) [ShadowX39]
057A0B1C 0AB44355
057A0B20 0003AFC0

Raven [ShadowX39]
057A0B28 0AB52F45
057A0B2C 000572E0

Phoenix [ShadowX39]
057A0B34 0AB68BFD
057A0B38 00057F60

Izimbra [ShadowX39]
057A0B40 0AB7EBD5
057A0B44 0006BA80

Garuda(Asgard Boss) [ShadowX39]
057A0B4C 0AB99A75
057A0B50 000699C0

Simurgh [ShadowX39]
057A0B58 0ABB40E5
057A0B5C 00098700

Axe Beak [ShadowX39]
057A0B64 0ABDA2A5
057A0B68 000A2800

Aepyornis [ShadowX39]
057A0B70 0AC02CA5
057A0B74 000A3B60

Dodo [ShadowX39]
057A0B7C 0AC2BB7D
057A0B80 000A2BE0

Cockatrice [ShadowX39]
057A0B88 0AC54675
057A0B8C 000A36E0

Moon Rocks [ShadowX39]
057A0B94 0AC7D42D
057A0B98 00088CC0

Roc [ShadowX39]
057A0BA0 0AC9F75D
057A0BA4 000707E0

Harpy [ShadowX39]
057A0BAC 0ACBB955
057A0BB0 000DC800

Furie [ShadowX39]
057A0BB8 0ACF2B55
057A0BBC 000DC6E0

Seiren [ShadowX39]
057A0BC4 0AD29D0D
35b8 057A0BC8 000DC2E0

Aello [ShadowX39]
057A0BD0 0AD60DC5
057A0BD4 000DDAE0

Fenia [ShadowX39]
057A0BDC 0AD9847D
057A0BE0 0007FCE0

Black Bat [ShadowX39]
057A0BE8 0ADB83B5
057A0BEC 000777A0

Light Wing [ShadowX39]
057A0BF4 0ADD619D
057A0BF8 00077DE0

Were Bat [ShadowX39]
057A0C00 0ADF4115
057A0C04 000782A0

Maimakterion(Giant Black Bat) [ShadowX39]
057A0C0C 0AE121BD
057A0C10 0007F660

Dire Bat [ShadowX39]
057A0C18 0AE31F55
057A0C1C 00078480

Dogma [ShadowX39]
057A0C24 0AE50075
057A0C28 0009A1C0

Genis [ShadowX39]
057A0C30 0AE768E5
057A0C34 001A2520
More possible boss/enemy data but was cut. Works fine though.

Zombie [ShadowX39]
057A0C3C 0AEDF22D
057A0C40 0014D5A0

Corpse [ShadowX39]
057A0C48 0AF32795
057A0C4C 0014E640

Ghoul [ShadowX39]
057A0C54 0AF86125
057A0C58 0014D7E0

Skeleton [ShadowX39]
057A0C60 0AFD971D
057A0C64 000C2FC0

Cross Bone [ShadowX39]
057A0C6C 0B00A30D
057A0C70 000C2B60

Bastiage [ShadowX39]
057A0C78 0B03ADE5
057A0C7C 00157C80

Dullahan [ShadowX39]
057A0C84 0B090D05
057A0C88 00071F00

Night Stalker [ShadowX39]
057A0C90 0B0AD4C5
057A0C94 00079320

Crusader [ShadowX39]
057A0C9C 0B0CB98D
057A0CA0 00072C60

Dark Rider [ShadowX39]
057A0CA8 0B0E84A5
057A0CAC 000CB260

Pale Rider [ShadowX39]
057A0CB4 0B11B13D
057A0CB8 000CB9C0

Sword Dancer [ShadowX39]
057A0CC0 0B14DFAD
057A0CC4 000E5F00

Ghost [ShadowX39]
057A0CCC 0B18776D
057A0CD0 0005D200

Haunt [ShadowX39]
057A0CD8 0B19EBED
057A0CDC 0005CB80

Banshee [ShadowX39]
057A0CE4 0B1B5ECD
057A0CE8 0005CE60

Boedromion(Giant Ghost) [ShadowX39]
057A0CF0 0B1CD265
057A0CF4 00062D20

Phantom [ShadowX39]
057A0D00 00134380

Wraith [ShadowX39]
057A0D08 0B232E8D
057A0D0C 00110420

Undertaker [ShadowX39]
057A0D14 0B276F95
057A0D18 00085520

Grave Digger [ShadowX39]
057A0D20 0B2984DD
057A0D24 0008BA80

Ravenous [ShadowX39]
057A0D2C 0B2BB37D
057A0D30 0008CEC0

Hawk(1st) [ShadowX39]
057A0D38 0B2DE72D
057A0D3C 0011E600
First time you fight him.

Hawk(2nd) [ShadowX39]
057A0D44 0B3260AD
057A0D48 0011E600
Last time you fight him.

Bumble Bee [ShadowX39]
057A0D50 0B36DA2D
057A0D54 00048180

Killer Bee [ShadowX39]
057A0D5C 0B37FA8D
057A0D60 00048320

Hornet [ShadowX39]
057A0D68 0B391B55
057A0D6C 00049460

Queen [ShadowX39]
057A0D74 0B3A406D
057A0D78 0004BE80

Scorpion [ShadowX39]
057A0D80 0B3B700D
057A0D84 000801C0

Antares [ShadowX39]
057A0D8C 0B3D707D
057A0D90 0007FE80

Girtablili [ShadowX39]
057A0D98 0B3F701D
057A0D9C 00088020

Killer Mantis [ShadowX39]
057A0DA4 0B419025
057A0DA8 0008CC00

Lumber Jack [ShadowX39]
057A0DB0 0B43C325
057A0DB4 0008BA40

Popsickle [ShadowX39]
057A0DBC 0B45F1B5
057A0DC0 0008BB60

Crawler [ShadowX39]
057A0DC8 0B48208D
057A0DCC 000C2380

Caterpillar [ShadowX39]
057A0DD4 0B4B296D
057A0DD8 000C24C0

Embryo [ShadowX39]
057A0DE0 0B4E329D
057A0DE4 000C2460

Habetrot [ShadowX39]
057A0DEC 0B513BB5
057A0DF0 000C2360

Neurotica [ShadowX39]
057A0DF8 0B54448D
057A0DFC 000C96E0

Lookin(Earth Temple Boss) [ShadowX39]
057A0E04 0B576A45
057A0E08 000CC880

Giant Crawler [ShadowX39]
057A0E10 0B5A9C65
057A0E14 000C8280

Stone Eater [ShadowX39]
057A0E1C 0B5DBD05
057A0E20 000A68A0

Rock Eater [ShadowX39]
057A0E28 0B60572D
057A0E2C 000A4FA0

Island Worm [ShadowX39]
057A0E34 0B62EB15
057A0E38 000A0FE0

Earth Eater [ShadowX39]
057A0E40 0B656F0D
057A0E44 0009F400

Mia Culpa [ShadowX39]
057A0E4C 0B67EC0D
057A0E50 000A00A0

Manitou(Water Temple Boss) [ShadowX39]
057A0E58 0B6A6C35
057A0E5C 000B5280

Spider [ShadowX39]
057A0E64 0B6D40D5
057A0E68 00092DA0

Tarantula [ShadowX39]
057A0E70 0B6F8C3D
057A0E74 00092D40

Pit Spider [ShadowX39]
057A0E7C 0B71D78D
057A0E80 00090620

Arachne [ShadowX39]
057A0E88 0B741915
057A0E8C 00090600

Simoriah [ShadowX39]
057A0E94 0B765A95
057A0E98 000A2C80

Lloyd [ShadowX39]
057A0EA0 0B78E5B5
057A0EA4 0018B860
This is used whenever you fight him.

Magnar(2nd) [ShadowX39]
057A0EAC 0B7F13CD
057A0EB0 0011AD40
Either you fight him 3 times or this was a left out match.

Magnar(3rd) [ShadowX39]
057A0EB8 0B837F1D
057A0EBC 0011ADE0
This is used the last time you fight him.

Marta [ShadowX39]
057A0EC4 0B87EA95
057A0EC8 001EC800
Used for the fight against her and Lloyd.

Album Atrum(Twilight Palace Boss) [ShadowX39]
057A0ED0 0B8F9C95
057A0ED4 001D5060

Album Atrum(Gladsheim Boss) [ShadowX39]
057A0EDC 0B96F0AD
057A0EE0 001D5060

Martel Knights(1st) [ShadowX39]
057A0EE8 0B9E44C5
057A0EEC 0005EDA0
Might be of the Church of Martel.

Martel Knights(2nd) [ShadowX39]
057A0EF4 0B9FC02D
057A0EF8 0005F5A0
Looks like the sidequest one.

Swordsman(Froos) [ShadowX39]
057A0F00 0BA13D95
057A0F04 0005AC20
Sidequest character. ShadowX39

A Mercenary(Sasaki) [ShadowX39]
057A0F0C 0BA2A89D
057A0F10 0005E420
Sidequest character.

City Watch [ShadowX39]
057A0F18 0BA421A5
057A0F1C 0006A7E0
Sidequest character.

Civilian [ShadowX39]
057A0F24 0BA5CB9D
057A0F28 0005E760
Sidequest character.

Vanguard(1st) [ShadowX39]
057A0F30 0BA74575
057A0F34 00064D00

Vanguard(2nd) [ShadowX39]
057A0F3C 0BA8D8B5
057A0F40 00064B00

Thief [ShadowX39]
057A0F48 0BAA6B75
057A0F4C 00066B80
Sidequest character, the nice guy.

Christopher [ShadowX39]
057A0F54 0BAC0655
057A0F58 00062E80
Sidequest character, one of the group.

Vanguard(3rd) [ShadowX39]
057A0F60 0BAD91F5
057A0F64 00060BC0

Vanguard(4th) [ShadowX39]
057A0F6C 0BAF14E5
057A0F70 00060C40

Female Vanguard(1st) [ShadowX39]
057A0F78 0BB097F5
057A0F7C 000660E0

Female Vanguard(2nd) [ShadowX39]
057A0F84 0BB2302D
057A0F88 00065EE0

Female Vanguard(3rd) [ShadowX39]
057A0F90 0BB3C7E5
057A0F94 00063E00

Female Vanguard(4th) [ShadowX39]
057A0F9C 0BB55765
057A0FA0 00063F00

Melissa [ShadowX39]
057A0FA8 0BB6E725
057A0FAC 00062580
Sidequest character, the girl of the group.

Filifolia [ShadowX39]
057A0FB4 0BB87085
057A0FB8 000591E0

Caerurea [ShadowX39]
057A0FC0 0BB9D4FD
057A0FC4 00059240

Pyanopsion(Giant Filifolia) [ShadowX39]
057A0FCC 0BBB398D
057A0FD0 0005FF80

Orcrot [ShadowX39]
057A0FD8 0BBCB96D
057A0FDC 00092DA0

Bartek(Fire Temple Boss) [ShadowX39]
057A0FE4 0BBF04D5
057A0FE8 0008E840

Treant [ShadowX39]
057A0FF0 0BC13EE5
057A0FF4 000736E0

Mandocello [ShadowX39]
057A0FFC 0BC30C9D
057A1000 0008DA20

Gerichtslinde(Iselia Human Ranch Boss) [ShadowX39]
057A1008 0BC54325
057A100C 000898A0

Fungus [ShadowX39]
057A1014 0BC7694D
057A1018 00069D40

Marcoid [ShadowX39]
057A1020 0BC9109D
057A1024 00069DE0

Stinkhorn [ShadowX39]
057A102C 0BCAB815
057A1030 0006B200

Giant Fungus [ShadowX39]
057A1038 0BCC6495
057A103C 0006B3C0

Toadstool [ShadowX39]
057A1044 0BCE1185
057A1048 00081720

Vaudeville [ShadowX39]
057A1050 0BD0174D
057A1054 0008E5A0

Amanita(Camberto Caves Boss) [ShadowX39]
057A105C 0BD250B5
057A1060 000856A0

Etheliana [ShadowX39]
057A1068 0BD4665D
057A106C 0004ADC0

Gracilis [ShadowX39]
057A1074 0BD591CD
057A1078 0004B060

Shallow Grave [ShadowX39]
057A1080 0BD6BDE5
057A1084 00061360

Hirsuta(Iselia Human Ranch Boss) [ShadowX39]
057A108C 0BD842BD
057A1090 0005E360

Truncata [ShadowX39]
057A1098 0BD9BB95
057A109C 000BADE0

Dionaea [ShadowX39]
057A10A4 0BDCA70D
057A10A8 000B6BE0

Mandragora [ShadowX39]
057A10B0 0BDF8205
057A10B4 00073440

Alraune [ShadowX39]
057A10BC 0BE14F15
057A10C0 00083DC0

Korrigan [ShadowX39]
057A10C8 0BE35E85
057A10CC 00083B40

Hamadryad [ShadowX39]
057A10D4 0BE56D55
057A10D8 000665C0

Puck [ShadowX39]
057A10E0 0BE706C5
057A10E4 00065760

Lailah [ShadowX39]
057A10EC 0BE89C9D
057A10F0 0006D0A0

Presea [ShadowX39]
057A10F8 0BEA50C5
057A10FC 001C3D80
Another possible enemy/boss data left out, works though.

Raine [ShadowX39]
057A1104 0BF16025
057A1108 0013BE60

Regal [ShadowX39]
057A1110 0BF64FBD
057A1114 001FAF20

Richter(1st) [ShadowX39]
057A111C 0BFE3B85
057A1120 0021FEC0
First fight against him.

Richter(Final Boss) [ShadowX39]
057A1128 0C06BB35
057A112C 00217580

Richter(2nd) [ShadowX39]
057A1134 0C0F1895
057A1138 0021FFA0
Second fight against him.

Sheena [ShadowX39]
057A1140 0C17987D
057A1144 001872E0

Zelos [ShadowX39]
057A114C 0C1DB535
057A1150 001BD5A0

Alice-On Map+Cutscene Models [ShadowX39]
057A1CA4 0C6B554C
057A1CA8 000458BF
057A1CB0 0C6C6B7C
057A1CB4 00000468
Starting from here are on-map+cutscene models.

Decus [ShadowX39]
057A1D10 0C70AC9C
057A1D14 0005BFD7
057A1D1C 0C721C92
057A1D20 00000150

Brute [ShadowX39]
057A1CF0 00040C51
057A1CFC 00000D60

Yuan Ka-Fai [ShadowX39]
057A2064 0CACD422
057A2068 00018C47
057A2070 0CAD3734
057A2074 0000065C

Emil [ShadowX39]
057A1C8C 0011E000
057A1C90 000AD2C3
057A1C98 001494B1
057A1C9C 000005CC

Emil(Starting Outfit) [ShadowX39]
057A3510 00217EAB
057A3514 000735DB
057A351C 00234C22
057A3520 00000150

Emil(Aster Suit) [ShadowX39]
057A1CD4 0C6D7BF4
057A1CD8 0004B48D
057A1CE0 0C6EA918
057A1CE4 00000634

Marta [ShadowX39]
057A2880 00149624
057A2884 0006345E
057A288C 0016233C
057A2890 00000620

Lloyd [ShadowX39]
057A2850 001624C4
057A2854 0003CCEE
057A285C 00171800
057A2860 00000028

Lloyd(Fake One) [ShadowX39]
057A354C 00250FB9
057A3550 0003A4A3
057A3558 0025F8E2
057A355C 00000028

Colette [ShadowX39]
057A1AA0 0017180A
057A1AA4 00058F0B
057A1AAC 00187BCD
057A1AB0 000004EC

Genis [ShadowX39]
057A21C0 00187D08
057A21C4 0004F35B
057A21CC 0019B9DF
057A21D0 000003F0

Raine [ShadowX39]
057A3750 0019BADB
057A3754 00041B41
057A375C 001AC1AC
057A3760 000004F8

Sheena [ShadowX39]
057A37A4 001CA369
057A37A8 00043C6B
057A37B0 001DB284
057A37B4 00000150

Zelos [ShadowX39]
057A3834 001DB2D8
057A3838 00047E36
057A3840 001ED266
057A3844 000004DC

Presea [ShadowX39]
057A3738 001BB97A
057A373C 0003A419
057A3744 001CA281
057A3748 000003A0

Regal [ShadowX39]
057A3768 001AC2EA
057A376C 0003D7E0
057A3774 001BB8E2
057A3778 00000260

Regal(Suit) [ShadowX39]
057A35A0 001ED39D
057A35A4 0003D57F
057A35AC 001FC8FD
057A35B0 000002A8

Richter [ShadowX39]
057A3780 001FCB6A
057A3784 0004EAC2
057A378C 001FC9A7
057A3790 0000070C

Richter(Used in Scenes) [ShadowX39]
057A201C 0CAAAD59
057A2020 00053C75
057A2028 0CABFC77
057A202C 0000070C

Richter(Last Boss) [ShadowX39]
057A2034 0CABFE3A
057A2038 000354DF
057A2040 0CACD372
057A2044 000002C0

Aqua [ShadowX39]
057A1CBC 0C6C6C96
057A1CC0 00043B4D
057A1CC8 0C6D7B6A
057A1CCC 00000228
You will be able to swap models with others using these codes. Code Example below.

Marta is Colette [ShadowX39]
057A000C 089A7D45
057A0010 001D1400
057A2880 0017180A
057A2884 00058F0B
057A288C 00187BCD
057A2890 000004EC
This will make Marta look and battle like Colette but with her stats and skills intact. Remove the first 2 lines of the code to remove that feature and only have it so Marta will be switched with Colette on the field and in cut scenes. One note for in-battle swapping.. special victory poses will cause freezing, only swapping Presea's in-battle model happens to be freeze free completely. The on-map and cut scene models should all be freeze free.

Name Modifier

Rename Emil [Aesteval]
02481F4E 0000AABB

R 1708 ename Marta [Aesteval]
02482036 0000AABB
04482038 CCDDEEFF
04482040 KKLLMMNN
04482044 OOPPQQRR

Rename Richter [Aesteval]
0248211E 0000AABB
04482120 CCDDEEFF
04482124 GGHHIIJJ
04482128 KKLLMMNN

Rename Colette [Aesteval]
024818F6 0000AABB
04481900 KKLLMMNN
04481904 OOPPQQRR

Rename Lloyd [Aesteval]
0248180E 0000AABB
04481810 CCDDEEFF
04481814 GGHHIIJJ
04481818 KKLLMMNN

Rename Genis [Aesteval]
024819DE 0000AABB

Rename Raine [Aesteval]
02481AC6 0000AABB

Rename Sheena [Aesteval]
02481BAE 0000AABB

Rename Zelos [Aesteval]
02481C96 0000AABB

Rename Presea [Aesteval]
02481D7E 0000AABB

Rename Regal [Aesteval]
02481E66 0000AABB

Rename Monster 1 [Aesteval]
02482206 0000AABB
04482208 CCDDEEFF
04482210 KKLLMMNN
04482214 OOPPQQRR

Rename Monster 2 [Aesteval]
024822EE 0000AABB

Rename Monster 3 [Aesteval]
024823D6 0000AABB

Rename Monster 4 [Aesteval]
024824BE 0000AABB

Name Mod Note
For AA, BB, etc.: Convert letters into numeric ascii values and then convert the numeric ascii values into hex; or type name into a basic barebones text file, open the text file in a hex editor, and copy the hex values. Leave values as 00 for null/blank/empty positions.
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