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Fishing Master [RTRP18]

Max\Unlimited Money [Crapulecorp]
052C0CB4 3B9AC9FF

If Decrease Max\Unlimited Money [Crapulecorp]
C20EFD08 00000002
3C0005F5 6000E0FF
90040054 00000000

Bait Don't Decrease If Fish Is Catch [Crapulecorp]
04034738 34030001
*It add 1 before the game take 1 bait when the fish is catch so you don't loose anything*

Bait Don't Decrease If Line Is Broken [Crapulecorp]
040CCC38 34030000

Time Stop (Press - ON/OFF) [Crapulecorp]
04032654 60000000
283D7A42 EFFF1000
CC000000 00000000
04032654 D8030018
E0000000 80008000

Max\Unlimited Money
052C0CB4 3BAC9FF

Button Activator

WiiMote-NunChuck Player 1 [Crapulecorp]

Time Froze [memorris]
052B78D8 40400000

Points 999999999 [memorris]
052BB5B4 3B9AC9FF
052BB5B8 3B9AC9FF
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