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We Love Golf [RWGE08]

Always Hole In One (Enable Up on D-Pad) [farjo08]
284B0702 fff70008
040dbe6c 9a03014c
040dbe98 9a03014d
e0000000 80008000

Always Hole In One (Disable Down on D-Pad) [farjo08]
284B0702 fffb0004
040dbe6c 9803014c
040dbe98 9803014d
e0000000 80008000

Target Golf Score 500 [farjo08]
040ff5a8 380001f4

Note1: The stroke count still increases on screen (display) but you are awarded a hole in one when you finish the hole and the scoresheet is correctly updated. I believe it only increase to 2 then will stick there - again this is cosmetic. I tried approaching the code a different way and can get it to always display 1 but it registers 0 on the scorecard so I stuck with the original code.

Note2: This is a port of the code from the Japanese version.

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