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Alice in Wonderland [SALE4Q]

Moon Jump Z+A [shark2003]
207FCC90 00002800
DE000000 80008180
48000000 807DE5D4
14001CD0 41000000(41000000-42400000) adjust accordingly to the stage [shark2003]
E0000000 80008000

Quick Achievements (1 For Max) [Skiller]
04190BAC 8003001C

Inf HP [Skiller]
040EC74C C0030064

Gain 100x upgrade Points [Skiller]
C2149A94 00000002
1C9D0064 7C9F2214
60000000 00000000

Buy upgrade Get 999999 [Skiller]
04149B28 3C80000F
04149B2C 6084423F
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