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Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars [SC4E64]

Extras Always On No Purchase Necessary

Dark Side [BoxNinja]
0484E4A8 FFFF0101

Invincibility [BoxNinja]
0484E4D8 FFFF0101

Fast Build [BoxNinja]
0484E4C0 01FF0101

Minikit Detector [BoxNinja]
0484E4F0 FFFF0101

Super Speeders [BoxNinja]
0484E508 FFFF0101

Score x2 [BoxNinja]
0484E520 FFFF0101

Score x4 [BoxNinja]
0484E538 FFFF0101

Score x6 [BoxNinja]
0484E550 FFFF0101

Score x8 [BoxNinja]
0484E568 FFFF0101

Score x10 [BoxNinja]
0484E580 FFFF0101

Stud Magnet [BoxNinja]
0484E598 FFFF0101

Regenerate Hearts [BoxNinja]
0484E5B0 FFFF0101

Character Studs [BoxNinja]
0484E5C8 FFFF0101

Super Saber Cut [BoxNinja]
0484E5E0 FFFF0101

Dual Wield [BoxNinja]
0484E5F8 FFFF0101

Glow in the Dark [BoxNinja]
0484E610 FFFF0101

Red Brick Detector [BoxNinja]
0484E628 FFFF0101

Total Coins [BoxNinja]
*Just replace X values

Coin Multiplier [BoxNinja]
C24305CC 00000002
3B60FFFF 937C0004
60000000 00000000
*Multiplies all coins by 1 billion

Player 1 In-Level Coins [BoxNinja]
0492B05C 3B9AC9FF

Player 2 In-Level Coins [BoxNinja]
0492B074 3B9AC9FF

Inf Health [Thomas83Lin]
C25D39EC 00000002
8B640F5D 9B640F5E
60000000 00000000

Max Coins (Hub) [Thomas83Lin]
C2691B70 00000002
3BA0FFFF 93A36230
93A36234 00000000

Max Coins (InGame) [Thomas83Lin]
C268E340 00000002
3880FFFF 90860004
60000000 00000000

Max Coins (R Assault) [Thomas83Lin]
C2690788 00000002
3980FFFF 91840004
80840004 00000000

Max Gold Blocks [Thomas83Lin]
C20938E8 00000002
380000FF 98030002
60000000 00000000

Unlock All Red Block Extras [Thomas83Lin]
C257BD60 00000002
3980FFFF 7D85012E
7C05002E 00000000

All MiniKits After Finishing Level [Thomas83Lin]
C2690E88 00000003
3880000A 90830018
9083001C 8063001C
60000000 00000000

Freeze Yellow Assault Timer [Thomas83Lin]
041A8B00 D03F0010
C217F1AC 00000002
C01F0010 D01F000C
60000000 00000000

Freeze Yellow Space Mission Timer [Thomas83Lin]
0410AEF4 60000000

Temp Unlock All Missions+Characters [Thomas83Lin]
04584B34 38000001
040DEDF4 38000004
*Need to Already Have Character Selection Unlocked*
*Backup Save Before Using*

Unlock All Characters [Thomas83Lin]
C2584B34 00000002
38000001 9803004C
60000000 00000000
*Need to Already Have Character Selection Unlocked*
*Permanent if Saved*
*Backup Save Before Using*

Reset Game Clock [Thomas83Lin]
045FE504 39800000
045FE508 919D0000

Unlock All Build Options P1 [Thomas83Lin]
0419744C 38600008

Unlock All Build Options P2 [Thomas83Lin]
04197454 38600008
*P2 may also Effect Enemies*
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