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Flatout [SF4E20]

Start on Lap 3 [Thomas83Lin]
C22917FC 00000004
81840004 2C0C0002
4181000C 39800002
91840004 80840004
60000000 00000000
*Modify both 0002's accordingly to Change*
*POS remains unchanged but you'll still be x amount of laps ahead to take first*

Inf Health [Thomas83Lin]
C2336534 00000002
3D80447A 918F00B4
C00F00B4 00000000

Inf Boost [Thomas83Lin]
C228F4A0 00000002
3D803F80 919F00F8
C01F00F8 00000000

Max Score Battle Mode [Thomas83Lin]
C2231558 00000003
3D80461C 618C4000
919D020C C01D020C
60000000 00000000

Max Score Stunt Mode [Thomas83Lin]
C2231410 00000003
3D804974 618C23F0
7D83012E 7C23042E
60000000 00000000

Max Score Car Basher [Thomas83Lin]
C2357888 00000003
3D800098 618C967F
918500A8 80A500A8
60000000 00000000

Inf Time [Thomas83Lin]
C22D7938 00000003
3D80426B 618CEEEF
919D003C C03D003C
60000000 00000000
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