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Donkey Kong Country Returns [SF8E01]

Inventory Codes

Unlimited Banana Juice [GMO]
0080DE1F 00000063

Unlimited Squawks [GMO]
0080DE23 00000063

Unlimited Heart Boost [GMO]
0080DE27 00000063

Misc Codes

Invincibility [Thomas83Lin]
041FF39C 4800009C
041FF438 38800001
*Used wiiztec's code for a starting point*
*Works on Rambi also*

Have Rocket without diddy [Thomas83Lin]
04244B0C 60000000
C22BED40 00000004
8066FFFC 80630008
3D808000 618C1848
906C0000 38600000
80050038 00000000
C223FE3C 00000002
3C608000 60631848
80030000 00000000

Consistent Roll without diddy [Thomas83Lin]
04244A68 60000000

Temp World+Level Bypass v.2 [Thomas83Lin]
042E69A8 60000000
042E5CDC 60000000
0410A23C 4800001C
0410A388 48000014

Hard Mode [Thomas83Lin]
C214D140 00000006
899D000F 2C0C0001
4081000C 38000001
981D000F 899D0013
2C0C0001 4081000C
38000001 981D0013
801A0120 00000000
041CA674 38000000
*Allowed One Hit Per Player*
*Health Hud Removed*

Extreme Mode [Thomas83Lin]
C214D140 00000003
38000000 981D000F
981D0013 801A0120
60000000 00000000
041CA674 38000000
*Killed If either Player Gets Hit*
*Health Hud Removed*
*Don't combine with Hard Mode*

Remove Health Hud [Thomas83Lin]
041CA674 38000000

Jump Modifier [Thomas83Lin]
C223980C 00000003
3D804000 618C0000
919F08DC C09F08DC
60000000 00000000
*Modify 4000 To IncreaseDecrease*

Moon Jump 1-2 Player V.2 Press (B+2) [Thomas83Lin]
C2252894 00000009
3D808000 2C 1019 000001
41820010 2C000002
41820028 4800002C
618C18A2 A18C0000
718C0500 2C0C0500
40820018 3D804503
91830184 4800000C
618C18A6 4BFFFFE0
3860FFFF 00000000
C24A55AC 00000005
3D408000 614A18A0
2C190000 40820008
900A0000 2C190001
40820008 900A0004
90030000 00000000
*Wiimote Horizontal*

Unlock Mirror Mode [Thomas83Lin]
0080DE2B 00000001
*Single Player*

Always have Squawks [Thomas83Lin]
0080DDC3 00000001

Switch in and out of Mirror Mode [Thomas83Lin]
0080DDCF 00000000
CC000000 00000000
0080DDCF 00000001
E0000000 80008000
*Press - Wiimote Horizontal*

Mirror Graphics [Thomas83Lin]
040C2B4C 60000000
040C2B50 38600001

Low Time [Thomas83Lin]
042B496C 3D803C20
042B4970 919E000C
*Time Attack*

Longer Lasting Diddy Rocket [Thomas83Lin]
04261880 60000000

Activate Super Guide [Thomas83Lin]
043172A0 38800008

B For Pound Down-B for Blow B+Directional for Roll [Thomas83Lin]
285CBE68 FBFF0400
025CBE6E 0000012C
E0000000 80008000
285CC4F0 FBFF0400
025CC4F6 0000012C
E0000000 80008000
*Wiimote Horizontal*

Wiimote Button Remapping [Thomas83Lin]
06574054 00000030
00008000 00001000
00000800 00000400
00000100 00000200
00000010 00000008
00000004 00000002
00000001 0000000F
045740A4 00002000
045740A8 00004000
*Default Setup*
*Modify Button Values to Change*

Play as Super Kong+Super Diddy P2 [Thomas83Lin]
041FF234 60000000

Receive All Puzzles Pieces After Entering Level [Thomas83Lin]
04316D6C 38000FFF
04316C44 38000FFF
*Tallies up at the end for a Medal*

infinite health [wiiztec]
0480DD8C 00000002

infinite lives [wiiztec]
0480DD9C 00000063

infinite bananas [wiiztec]
0480DD84 00000063

have all puzzle pieces [wiiztec]
0480DDA0 0000000A
doesn't effect end of level tally

diddy kong infinite health [wiiztec]
2480DD90 00000000
0480DD90 00000002
E0000000 80008000

infinite banana coins [wiiztec]
0480DD88 00000063

have all 4 kong letters [wiiztec]
0880DDA4 00000001
20030004 00000000

invincibility toggle C+down [wiiztec]
285CBCEA 00004004
041F9ABC D04308FC
041F9AC0 4081000C
CC000000 00000000
C21F9ABC 00000002
3E207F80 922308FC
60000000 00000000
041F9AC0 4800000C
E0000000 80008000
you have to get hit first for it to take effect
remove the last line to be invisible too
if you toggle it off the effect won't go away until you restart the level but It still might prevent the Rambi crash

Mini Game Timer (Gains) [Skiller]
041146FC EC00082A

Mini Game TImer (Frozen) [Skiller]
041146FC EC00D828

Invincible (Banana Juice Mod) [GMO]
0080DD97 0000000A
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