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Captain America: Super Soldier [SFQE8P]

Inf Hp [Skiller]
040C7F08 40810018

Quick Upgrades/Gain lots EXP [Skiller]
040D9508 3C0003E8

View Upgrades to get all Upgrades [Skiller]
C213C51C 00000003
38C00001 7CC401AE
38C00000 7C0400AE
60000000 00000000

Extras Secton Codes

Have All Characters [Skiller]
C2022344 00000003
39C00001 99C30250
39C00000 88630250
60000000 00000000
Note: Must Move threw the list and it unlocks them 1 by 1 as u see them..

Have All Costumes [Skiller]
C2022354 00000003
39C00001 99C30269
39C00000 88630269
60000000 00000000
Note: Just go into the Costumes section and u will gain them all

Have All Concept Art [Skiller]
C213D08C 00000003
39C0008F 91C302FC
39C00000 800302FC
60000000 00000000
Note: Just Go into the concept art section ..
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