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2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa [SFWE69]

Home Team Score Modifier [T.B.W]
04A7A618 000000XX

Away Team Score Modifier [T.B.W]
04A8044C 000000XX

No Music Plays [T.B.W]
041CC6D0 00000000

Home Team Player Amount Modifier [T.B.W]
04AE536C 0000000X

Away Team Player Amount Modifier [T.B.W]
04AE548C 0000000X

Button Activator [T.B.W]
281598C0 0000XXXX

Home team has no name on scoreboard [T.B.W]
04A74A88 00000000

Away team has no name on scoreboard [T.B.W]
04A7A8BC 00000000

Cant resume game once Paused [T.B.W]
048F151C 00000000

Away team Icon Changer [T.B.W]
04A7A884 00000XXX

Home team Icon Changer [T.B.W]
04A74A50 00000XXX
Spain= 552
Portugal= 54A
Germany= 526
England= 539
France= 537
US= 56B

Home 99 - Away00 (- Button) [ZiT]
281598C0 00001000
04A7A618 00000063
04A8044C 00000000
E0000000 80008000
04026270 88860000

Home 00 - Away 99 (2 Button) [ZiT]
281598C0 00000100
04A7A618 00000000
04A8044C 00000063
E0000000 80008000
04026280 88860001
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