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Remington Super Slam Hunting: Alaska [SRKEFP]

Never Reload [Thomas83Lin]
0407CD44 38040000

Semi Rapid Fire [Thomas83Lin]
0407BD9C 4800000C

Rapid Fire [Thomas83Lin]
04069A90 60000000
0407BD9C 4800000C

Max Score [Thomas83Lin]
C2071384 00000002
3CA03B9A 60A5C9FF
90BE5A98 00000000

Inf Usage of Wiley Vision [Thomas83Lin]
C2074E64 00000002
38000064 90035B64
60000000 00000000

Remove Press 1 for Wiley Vision Text [Thomas83Lin]
04074E6C 48000054

Unlock All Levels [Thomas83Lin]
C201EB64 00000002
39800001 998301E9
886301E9 00000000

Inf Health [Thomas83Lin]
0401D084 60000000
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