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WWE '12 [SW6E78]

Button Conditionals

WiiMote Pad1 [GMO]
Originally hacked by cstatus

Classic Pad1 [GMO]

WiiMote Pad2 [GMO]

Classic Pad2 [GMO]

Unlock Individual Super Stars

Brock Lesnar [GMO]
016FCDE7 00000001

Stone Cold Steve Auston [GMO]
016FCDE9 00000001

Demolition - Ax and Smash [GMO]
016FCDEB 00000001

Edge [GMO]
016FCE04 00000001

Arn Anderson [GMO]
016FCE0B 00000001

Kevin Nash [GMO]
016FCE11 00000001

The Rock [GMO]
016FCE15 00000001

Vader [GMO]
016FCE19 00000001

Eddie Guerrero [GMO]
016FCE1A 00000001

Booker T [GMO]
016FCE1B 00000001

Road Warriors - Animal and Hawk [GMO]
016FCE1D 00000001

Ricky Steamboat [GMO]
016FCE1E 00000001

Mr McMahon [GMO]
016FCE25 00000001

Dashing Cody Rhodes [GMO]
016FCE28 00000001

Goldust [GMO]
016FCE29 00000001

Michelle McCool [GMO]
016FCE2A 00000001

Unlock Individual Arenas

Over The Limit Arena [GMO]
016FCDF8 00000001

Fatal 4-Way Arena [GMO]
016FCDF9 00000001

Money In The Bank Arena [GMO]
016FCDFA 00000001

Night of Champions Arena [GMO]
016FCDFB 00000001

Hell In A Cell Arena [GMO]
016FCDFC 00000001

Bragging Rights Arena [GMO]
016FCDFD 00000001

SurvivorSeries Arena [GMO]
016FCDFE 00000001

TLC Arena [GMO]
016FCDFF 00000001

Extreme Rules Arena [GMO]
016FCE00 00000001

Tribute To The Troops Arena [GMO]
016FCE01 00000001

NXT Arena [GMO]
016FCE17 00000001

Clash of the Champions Arena [GMO]
016FCE1C 00000001

Nitro Arena [GMO]
016FCE22 00000001

Starrcade Arena [GMO]
016FCE23 00000001

Unlock Individual Titles

Hardcore Championship [GMO]
016FCDEC 00000001

Million Dollar Title [GMO]
016FCDED 00000001

World Tag Team Titles [GMO]
016FCDEE 00000001

Tag Team Titles [GMO]
016FCDEF 00000001

Undisputed WWE Title [GMO]
016FCDF0 00000001

Classic ECW Championship [GMO]
016FCDF1 00000001

Attitude Era's WWE Championship [GMO]
016FCDF2 00000001

Champion of Champions Title [GMO]
016FCDF3 00000001

Classic WWE Intercontinental Champship [GMO]
016FCDF4 00000001

Light Heavyweight Title [GMO]
016FCDF6 00000001

European Championship [GMO]
016FCE07 00000001

WCW World Heavyweight Championship [GMO]
016FCE1F 00000001

WWE Championship (WCW) Titlw [GMO]
016FCE21 00000001

WCW Championship [GMO]
016FCE24 00000001

Unlock Individual Attires

John Cena Entrance Attire [GMO]
016FCE02 00000001

The Miz Entrance Attire [GMO]
016FCE03 00000001

Sheamus with T-Shirt [GMO]
016FCE05 00000001

William Regal with Suit [GMO]
016FCE06 00000001

Drew McIntyre with Suit [GMO]
016FCE09 00000001

Edge Entrance Attire [GMO]
016FCE0A 00000001

Sheamus with Suit [GMO]
016FCE0C 00000001

Wade Barrett with Suit [GMO]
016FCE0D 00000001

Triple H Street Attire [GMO]
016FCE10 00000001

The Miz with Suit [GMO]
016FCE12 00000001

Arn Anderson Civilian Attire [GMO]
016FCE18 00000001

Kevin Nash with Suit [GMO]
016FCE20 00000001

Mr McMahon with Suit [GMO]
016FCE26 00000001

Hooded Undertaker Entrance Attire [GMO]
016FCE2C 00000001

John Cena Purple Attire [GMO]
016FCE2D 00000001

Randy Orton Without Beard [GMO]
016FCE2F 00000001

Zack Ryder Head band [GMO]
016FCE30 00000001

Unlock Individual Extras

United Kingdom Entrance Video and Music [GMO]
016FCE08 00000001

Outsider Story [GMO]
016FCE0E 00000001

Hero Story [GMO]
016FCE13 00000001

King of Kings Music [GMO]
016FCE14 00000001

Jacob Cass Entrance Video and Music [GMO]
016FCE16 00000001

Mr McMahon Entrance Video and Music [GMO]
016FCE27 00000001

Miscellaneous Codes

Unlock Everything (Unlockables) [GMO]
096FCDE7 00000001
004A0001 00000000

First Wrestler Always Have x3 Finishers [cstatus]
0531A9C8 60000000
*Targets first Wrestler listed in a Match not First player controller.

Second Wrestler Always has x3 Finishers [cstatus]
052719C8 60000000
*Like the previous codes targets the 2nd Wrestler in the Match not Player 2.

Toggle ON/OFF First Wrestler has Finishers [cstatus]
289042C0 0000XXXX
0531A9C8 60000000
CC000000 00000001
0531A9C8 00000000
E0000000 80008000
*fill XXXX with the Appropriate Wiimote button values. Remember can still use Wiimote activators with CCP.

Toggle ON/OFF Second has x3 Finishers [cstatus]
289042C0 0000XXXX
052719C8 60000000
CC000000 00000001
052719C8 00000000
E0000000 80008000
*fill XXXX with the Appropriate Wiimote button values. Remember can still use Wiimote activators with CCP.

Always Have Signature [cstatus]
0535F578 60000000
*If used with Always have finisher you will only be able to use your signature.
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