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Harvest Moon: My Little Shop [WBJE]

Item Modifier Slot 1 [GMO]
0435E92C 000000??

Item Modifier Slot 2 [GMO]
0435E930 000000??

Item Modifier Slot 3 [GMO]
0435E934 000000??

Item Modifier Slot 4 [GMO]
0435E938 000000??

Item Modifier Slot 5 [GMO]
0435E93C 000000??< 1426 br>

Item Modifier Slot 6 [GMO]
0435E940 000000??

Item Modifier Slot 7 [GMO]
0435E944 000000??

Item Modifier Slot 8 [GMO]
0435E948 000000??

Item Modifier Slot 9 [GMO]
0435E94C 000000??

Item Modifier Slot 10 [GMO]
0435E950 000000??

Item Modifier Slot 11 [GMO]
0435E954 000000??

Item Modifier Slot 12 [GMO]
0435E958 000000??

00 Good Tomato Seed
01 Great Tomato Seed
02 Super Tomato Seed
03 Good Turnip Seed
04 Great Turnip Seed
05 Super Turnip Seed
06 Good Carrot Seed
07 Great Carrot Seed
08 Super Carrot Seed
09 Good Banana Seed
0A Great Banana Seed
0B Super Banana Seed
0C Good Cabbage Seed
0D Great Cabbage Seed
0E Super Cabbage Seed
0F Good Strawberry Seed
10 Great Strawberry Seed
11 Super Strawberry Seed
12 Good Pumpkin Seed
13 Great Pumpkin Seed
14 Super Pumpkin Seed

Inf Money [Thomas83Lin]
C20B4B48 00000002
3C60000F 6063423F
90640024 00000000

Item Cycler Slot 1 [Thomas83Lin]
C205B7A4 00000007
3EC08035 62D6E92C
80630000 3A801000
3EA08036 82B541EC
7C14A800 40820018
3AF70001 2C170014
40810008 3AE00000
92F60000 00000000
*Press - To Cycle through the different seeds types *

Tool Slot 1 Modifier [Thomas83Lin]
0435E95C 0000177x
*0-6 tools*

Tool Slot 2 Modifier [Thomas83Lin]
0435E960 0000177x
*0-6 tools*

Tool Slot 3 Modifier [Thomas83Lin]
0435E964 0000177x
*0-6 tools*
0=Watering Can
1=Silver Watering Can
2=Gold Watering Can
4=Silver Brush
5=Gold Brush
6=Grandpa's Hoe
*If you get stuck and need to reset a Tool Slot insert FFFFFFFF in the second line of the tool mod code*
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