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Rockman 10 [WRXJ]

Moon Jump [ZiT]
2845558A FEFF0100
045355D8 FFFFFC00
E0000000 80008000

Speed Up [ZiT]
2845567A 00000004
82200000 805355CC
86000000 00000500
84200000 805355CC
E0000000 80008000
2845567A 00000008
82200000 805355CC
86000000 FFFFF500
84200000 805355CC
E0000000 80008000

Invincible [GMO]
00535614 0000002E

Have 9 Lives [GMO]
00537B5C 00000009

Unlimited Health [GMO]
00535625 0000001C

Refill Health and Ammo [GMO]
2845558A 00000202
00535625 0000001C
085356C0 0000001C
000D0002 00000000
E0000000 80008000
Hold 1 and press Right on D-Pad

1-Hit Boss Kill [GMO]
2845558A 00000201
005321FD 00000001
E0000000 80008000
Hold 1 and press Left on D-Pad
Doesn't work on some Sub-Bosses in Wiley's Castle

Always Have Charged Attack [GMO]
2845558A FDFF0200
0253567E 00000060
E0000000 80008000

999 Screws [GMO]
0251277A 000003E7

Have All Items [GMO]
04537C14 01090109
04537C18 03090109

Individual Ammo Codes

Unlimited T.Blade Ammo [GMO]
005356C0 0000001C

Unlimited W.Shield Ammo [GMO]
005356C2 0000001C

Unlimited C.Bomb Ammo [GMO]
005356C4 0000001C

Unlimited C.Spike Ammo [GMO]
005356C6 0000001C

Unlimited T.Wool Ammo [GMO]
005356C8 0000001C

Unlimited R.Striker Ammo [GMO]
005356CA 0000001C

Unlimited W.Cutter Ammo [GMO]
005356CC 0000001C

Unlimited S.Blaze Ammo [GMO]
005356CE 0000001C

Unlimited R.Coil [GMO]
005356D0 0000001C

Unlimited R.Jet [GMO]
005356D2 0000001C

Unlimited Mirror B. [GMO]
005356D4 0000001C

Unlimited S.Crusher Ammo [GMO]
005356D6 0000001C

Unlimited B.Cracker Ammo [GMO]
005356D8 0000001C

Have Individual Items

Have 9 Energy Tanks [GMO]
00537C15 00000009

Have 9 Weapon Tanks [GMO]
00537C17 00000009

Have Mystery Tank [GMO]
00537C16 00000001

Have Guard Power [GMO]
00537C1A 00000001

Have Eddie Call [GMO]
00537C18 00000003

Have Beat Call [GMO]
00537C19 00000009

Have Shock Guard [GMO]
00537C1B 00000009

Book of Hairstyles & Energy Balancer [GMO]
00537C0C 0000000A

Character Select Open [Skiller]
040F7DF0 38800004
040F7DFC 38800003

1 hit Kills (Enemys+bosses) [Skiller]
C205AA98 00000003
2C000000 41820008
38000000 B01E0030
60000000 00000000
Note: Turn On Invincible for your self

Gain 999 Screws (On pickup) [Skiller]
040765E8 40810004

Allow hard mode [Skiller]
025A2B42 0000A006

Have all weapons [Skiller]
02537B7E 0000FFFF

Jump to wily's castle(Hold 1 and press Right on D-Pad) [Skiller]
2845558A 00000202
02537BEA 000001FF
E0000000 80008000
Note from the Stage select press - to goto the save menu then go back to the stage select and bam
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