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Onslaught [WSAE]

Infinite Ammo AR-xxxx [farjo08]
0224438A 0000003C

Infinite Ammo S-xxxx [farjo08]
0224438C 0000000F

Infinite Ammo RL-xxxx [farjo08]
0224438E 0000000F

Infinite Ammo SG-xxxx [farjo08]
02244388 00000078

Infinite Ammo G-xxxx [farjo08]
02244390 0000000A

Infinite Ammo BW-xxxx [farjo08]
02244392 0000000A

Infinite Ammo BKD-G9 [farjo08]
02244394 000004B0

Full Combo Meter [farjo08]
02353F9A 0000FFFF

Infinite Health (Player) [farjo08]
046C0FF0 00000BB8

Infinite Health (Base) [farjo08]
046C14B0 00001450

Infinite Health (Supplies) [farjo08]
046C1204 000037DC

Infinite Health (BKD-G9) [farjo08]
046C10D4 00000BB8

Infinite Health (Ship) [farjo08]
046C1548 00003CF0

Time Modifier [farjo08]

Score Modifier [farjo08]


1) For Time and Score Modifier, replace XXXXXXXX with a hex value. Keep in mind that the time for each mission is different and some require the time limit to run out - so be sure you know what you are doing if using that code and/or use it through WiiRD so you can enable/disable as needed.

2) The ammo codes will work for all levels of weapons. The current values were set to the level 1 maximum but these will give infinite ammo / no reload.

3) For all health codes except player (i.e. base, ship, etc) I would advise only using when playing a mission where they are applicable. I did play through the entire campaign on different difficulties and while the addresses remain static I have run across a rare enemy or hive that could not be destroyed until I disabled those codes (it appears that game may use the same memory address for different things depending on the level).

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