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Join the WiiRD Hackers
Want to show off and stake a claim to the WiiRD codes you've hacked? Simply join and maintain your codes alongside the rest of the WiiRD hackers, right here, at the WiiRD Code Database!

To join, just send a PM to James0x57 containing a link (or ten) to original WiiRD codes you've hacked and posted on a message board or personal website.

Joining the WiiRD Code Database gives you full control over the codes you've hacked; add, update, and delete any of your codes whenever you'd like!
In addition to the surprisingly rare ability to manage your own codes, managing your codes at the WiiRD Code Database requires no knowledge of HTML at all! If you can post to a forum, you can manage your codes here- it's that simple!

Additional Features:
*Usernames are automatically attached to each of your codes so no code goes uncredited.
*Every credited name is also a link to a hacker profile containing a numbered list of all the titles that hacker has hacked for Wii.
*Hacker profiles may also contain links to the game hacking communities they come from, a personal website, youtube channel, a twitter account, and your paypal email!
*The title id and a name is all you need to add codes for a pre 7f8 viously unhacked game or channel; they will be placed under the appropriate system and region automatically!
*Updates are posted automatically to the main page so the world knows right away when you've made changes to a title's codes or your profile!
*The WiiRD Code Database seamlessly allows every credited code for a title to be downloaded as a txt file for direct use with any of the code managers for Wii or on a computer- this too, is done automatically!

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